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NIGHTBORNE RACIALS! (Allied Races) – WoW Legion 7.3

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    Shar Nay says:

    Why? I don't get it? Why are Horde players downplaying the OPness of Nightbourne racials and making a big deal of the Velf racials? No Velf racial is as powerful as 1% increased magic dmg, 1% reduced on all incoming magic dmg, and the ability to nullify stealth/invis. A spatial rift is more powerful than these 3 in what way? HHorde are the only ones with power racials. Orcs, Trolls, Blelfs and now Nightbourne. No Alliance race has anything as powerful as those. Hence the top guilds being Horde even though there are less Horde players. Min-maxers do everything to squeeze out DPS. A Troll mage and Nelf mage don't even come close. So this is going to widen the gap between Horde and Alliance more.

    angel abadzhiev says:

    Chaos dmg is not magic dmg , get a clue SAN

    ciagrim says:

    "Alliance get the best racials…."
    Because apparently the members of the horde can't read?!?
     Nightborne : Dispel Illusions – (piercing illusions and invisibility within 15 yards)You remove gank from the game…
    You remove it.
    Are you f%#8ing kidding me with your tears right now?

    115Reaper115 says:

    That 1% magic dmg is also nature dmg and shadow dmg right? So Rogue assa and sub will get bonuses from it?

    Joseph Jacobsen says:

    do you think you could do a video showing new racial stealth animations for rogues once they're available? 😀

    seventhsinn says:

    12 years of being human,time to go this bad ass looking race.

    Telarius says:

    @dalarangaming The stealth removal is an AOE instant ability that removes stealth and illusion instantly. (Whatever illusion stands for is unkown however.) It's not like the DH sight, instead it's like say Consecration but if you're in it, or touch it, you're instantly knocked out. (Just like how the Nightborne NPC'S remove Illusion in Legion, with the aoe circle around them before it goes off. )

    Telarius says:

    Holy is magic damage, magic isn't specific to mages, ect. Chaos counts as magic, there are different tiers, Arcane, Fire, Frost, (First and frost are just elementally imbued arcane) Holy, Chaos is both fire and shadow magic, it counts as both teirs, then there's shadow ofc, Ect ect.

    Dakota Hensley says:

    did i miss something. did they retcon the arcandor curing the nightborne of their mana addiction?

    Michael McDevitt says:

    I want to be able to cast the nightborne invisibility racial thing like the nightborne do in suramar 🙂

    Dylan Sim says:

    The way I interpreted "illusions and invisibility" was… mirror images, mage invis, and succubus/shivarra invis. Not stealths. Which would be ridiculously useless and I feel Blizzard would never do something like that.

    Daggernath says:

    It's exactly how the npc in Suramar works. Who goes there?

    Shawnii Randel says:

    I cant wait to play Nightborne.

    Jarrah Fahad says:

    Hi long time no see

    ARMAfuckenGEDDON says:

    Erm, invisibility and stealth are two different things

    Kotaru Sintoma says:

    The illusion/stealth thing im sure it will work like it does when you are suramar and get caught by a sentry.

    Samuel Minguet says:

    An illusion! What are you hiding?!

    Tavi says:

    If they go through with nerfing Arcane torrent and Rocket jump as they said during Blizzcon I'll tilt

    Roadkill Raccoon says:

    I do indeed raise my eyebrows at the power of these racials.

    Ray Cosby says:

    Nightborne Warrior would look sexy

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