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New VR Gaming Setup & Channel Update

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  • I give you a tour of my new VR gaming setup and explain some changes coming to the channel soon…

    Thanks for watching []-)

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    The equipment I use to create videos –
    Rode Smart Lav+
    Canon 750D
    Logitech Brio 4K Webcam

    My Pc Specs –
    Skylake Intel Core i7-6700k
    Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X
    Asus Maximus Formula VIII
    Corsair 32 GB DDR4
    Custom Water Loop

    Animated Overlay made with help from Qehzy –


    Carlos Austin says:

    Happy New Year to you and your family Mike. Wishing much light and health for 2018. Very nice use of your resources and starting to look like your Rift Home. I think your idea of shorter videos is brilliant giving more your thoughts or reviews then watching you in the play area. Hope to see you someday in VR. Cheers.

    Phillip Edwards says:

    Longer than 2-5 minutes is preferred in my opinion but I love the ideas on more commentary and opinion. Your setup looks great!

    Joe Simon says:

    Love the makeover of the into and everything. Change is good.

    Joe Simon says:

    Have you put this up on PCMasterrace?

    MERPTV says:

    I am jealous of your setup there mate! 🙂

    JadeKVR says:

    Awesome setup Mike!█-)

    ModeVR says:

    That's a nice setup… Congrats! What kind of desk is that? Custom?

    RowdyGuy says:

    Sweet! Good stuff!

    Richard Dale says:

    Mate where did you get your wallpaper

    Paul Lieber says:

    This setup is INCREDIBLE! Maybe throw a little more branding in there somewhere (the VRO logo)? Love the live subscriber count; almost at 10K! As others said, been with you almost since day 1, and this – by far – my favorite VR channel. It's rare to have a genuinely nice guy with genuinely awesome content.

    JediDean says:

    Nice set up mate, like the lighting around the desk : )

    Jamie Cruze says:

    Awesome setup. Look forward to more great reviews.

    Kimberly Martin says:

    Stop calling us guys!

    Hugo Tremblay says:

    Show off! ;-P

    Seriously that’s a dream setup Mike! Keep on preaching brother! 🙂

    Brian Unruh says:

    Looks great, nice to see you're moving on up!

    janet remon says:

    The area looks great. Not a fan of the green but do understand it.
    Its so much better than that hallway that reminds me of a trash compactor!

    Adrian Stealth says:

    new format sounds brill, to many you tubers have gone live which means to long & lower quality content less prepared no edit etc

    Renay Oshop says:

    The green screen matches your eyes!

    William Brown says:

    Love the new set up Mike…I mean it's super awesome…I wouldn't to much change nothing..Keep doing what you do…Your VR content is tops..Cant wait for the new content in the new space..Happy 2018 to ya

    The Learner says:

    Another level shit right there…

    SingleRacer says:

    Awesome setup Mike, all you need now is a matching Light-Blue Star Wars Light Saber, and your set…………………………………….. sorry, your NEW SET!!! xD                     P.S. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

    Paradise Decay says:

    Way to go Mike!

    John OBrien says:

    Very nice Mike. Happy New Year!

    Michel Antonio Morin says:

    Awesome setup Mike

    Jeff Davis says:

    Wow! That setup cost you some coins! Love the light ring and it look cool in your eyes too!

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