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    Neebs Gaming says:

    These sold so well last year we're doin' it again! To get a pair go to Love all of ya!

    ThaT PuntanG says:

    Appsro advertising socks fucking sold!!

    Lil Pickie says:

    Those feet at 1:03 were Simon's feet

    cptwinters10 says:

    Were those Anthony's chubby little hands? 🙂

    Eagle Eye Videos says:

    You guys are totally awesome, love your hilarious videos, will by my 2 pair next week!

    Austin Droscher says:

    HI Apprso,
    My Birthday is on the 24th and I'd really a pair of these socks but I can't afford them being only 15 and my parents can't either/don't really want to get them and I was wondering if I could ask you for these as a birthday gift maybe?

    JJtoob says:

    Can I jack off into them?

    TreVon420 says:

    hey neebs gaming! It's my birthday today (30 years old yay!) and it would be awesome if i can get a pair of those sweet socks as a present. 🙂 :/ Anyways you guys are great at what you do. Love all your Ark, Scrap Mechanic, GTA, BFFs, and 7dtd videos you make. The acting makes all these games you play an enjoyable experience to watch you bring originality to each one which makes it a pleasure to watch. I look forward to all the new videos you post each week and hopefully its for years to come. Keep up the great work!

    Lord Tachanka says:

    lol this is hilarious

    Pedro Sanchez says:

    0:35 That looks like the same mouse as mine.

    chevellecs says:

    I fucking love this add for your socks, I'm sharing this video to EVERYBODY!!!!!!!

    Art of the Crowe says:

    If you guys keep doing the socks every year it'll start becoming a family tradition in my house

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