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My thoughts on the GTA Online Doomsday heist trailer

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    Snoop Noodle says:

    You sound like Sargon of Akkad

    Sándor Lévay says:

    Make a first day of the doomsday heist dlc video

    T.G.I - Gamer says:

    More shit I can't afford Sigh

    Koko Sitwon says:

    Bruh ugly as shit

    JSRUSHBY says:

    Right guys and girls
    I stopped playing gta about 5- 8 months ago and I’m so glad I did
    There’s so much dlc shit that costs impossible amounts of money (Ik this one dosent really cost but others do)
    Everyone just try to play other shit then try to go back u will see what I mean after a few weeks maybe a month

    chemxfan says:

    Psst: it's spelled "psychic"…and, yeah, that's SUPER cringey. 😀

    Marius Catalin says:

    they are forced to add carzy shit because there it's too much shit already in the game new cars are useless unless they are op same for planes maybe make boats relevant or hell thurf war besides that i can't see nothing else they could add

    AIRBORNVELOCITY 8539 says:

    I want pyrerealm to have more subs his vids are amazing, short (usually 3:00 or about that), and really descriptive.

    Technically Electrifying says:

    I’m actuakly really interested to see how they integrate and balance the Deluxo (GTA’s DeLorean) features like the oppressor only really glides instead of flying because it can’t sustain a long time in the air whereas in the trailer the Deluxo looks like it can fly as long as it wants how is it going to be balanced? Will it be a terrible car itself to drive the flying itself definitely looks less agile and nimble compared to the oppressor and you are a much larger target in the car, perhaps it will have a timed duration before it will stop flying and you must land before then or maybe it won’t come with any weapons just so that it can’t be used to dominate other people in vehicles with homing missiles


    So, you think that motorcycles with wings, rocket boosters, and missles belong in GTA, but a CAR with wings, rocket boosters and missles doesn't?

    Ray P says:

    Today is my birthday and I had a bad day but I like your videos

    SlowFudgeBalls Da Amazin says:

    Holy shit he did it. He really did it. You just won youtube.

    Tele-J THXRXPY says:


    Albert yan says:

    rockstar needs to create a anti weaponised vehicle six star to bust up those trolls who get the stuff first, it would deal with weaponised vehicles only and have op gear

    Nkhams15 nothing says:

    Farewell freemode saints row just took over -_-

    Xero Media says:

    The p996 laser and hydra will always be better than these new cars because a jet and dog dive and fuck you up :/

    gyuri989898 says:

    The classic 4:20 video high af

    Typical Gamer says:

    The real question is will the new content stop the most strongest the most powerful and the most not cool cool train

    Argument Creator 2.0 says:

    Video is 4:20

    Death Hunter 101 says:

    The video ends at 4:20


    L2V says:

    If we have jetpacks, I want it in story mode so we have the ROCKETMAN cheat back

    bluju24 says:

    You’re so drab you ruin the excitement unfollow

    Argument Creator 2.0 says:

    Everyone asked for the Delorean and now you complain that rockstar are adding it? So selfish, if you don't want don't buy it, don't complain that it's futuristic because at this point with the Opressor or Ruiner 2000, or even the Space Docker, you shouldn't be surprised that we are getting content like this.

    marvdatboi says:

    Cause flying motorbikes are totally realistic

    smart uy says:

    Ha 4:20

    Reyna Santos says:

    nothing fits in the world of gta anymore. #BackToThePresent gta is turning into COD

    The Last Meme says:

    I think the tank is an upgraded rhino that you upgrade like the trailer where you drive it in the bunker and get an option to customize it. I wish its like that, they need to buff the rhino

    Aggelos Elefteriou says:

    You probably work for government

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