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MY INSANE GAMING SETUP FOR $5000! (BEST 2018 Gaming Setup)

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  • I know some of you guys have been asking to see my gaming setup so here it is!
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    Hope you guys enjoy this video of my 2017/2018 Gaming Setup in our Gamer house! Drop a LIKE if this video gave you some ideas for your setup!

    My PC –
    Monitors x3:
    Microphone –
    Mouse –
    Keyboard –
    Webcam –
    Headset –

    Hue Lights –
    Hue Bridge –
    Hue Lamps –
    Rectangle Desk –
    Corner Desk –
    Gaming Chair –
    Wall Designs –


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    Hope you guys enjoyed this video, make sure to drop a like!

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    Apollo Clownz says: Heres the awesome darth vader painting!

    DankMemeDan says:

    Yeah I only have a gtx 1080 ti and i7 7800k it's not even that good but I can deal with it

    Isaiah De Leon says:

    I have the same was scent thingy

    zach Mallett says:

    why the hell did you not get a custom build pc

    DS6 Prophet says:

    Best Console Peasant Setup For 2018

    JK idc which platform ppl play,It's their choice after all.I just prefer PC cuz #PCMasterRace 🙂

    SMKurama says:

    but it's not even 2018

    xHero Gamerx says:

    Kiwiz has like one of the best looking room

    ArmandoTM says:

    biggest waste of money
    unless u rich

    Gavin Barnes says:

    Lol 16 gb of ram is plenty fir anyone you only need 32 or 64 if you do extreme editing and production

    Hartzy says:

    Steel my idea?

    Kamz says:

    Randumb has the dirtiest room

    Scott Antonio says:

    Gtx1080ti, and an Intel I7 processor and it's 'not the greatest pc.' I get it's not over whelming, but don't make it seem like it's literally absolutely nothing lol.

    nxmo says:


    Lub Tearts says:

    sick lights tho

    Lub Tearts says:

    dont get a razer headset PLEASE

    Lub Tearts says:

    2017 and people still think RAM is important for games. Graphics Card and Processor is what matters most.

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