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My Gaming & Recording Room Setup Tour 2017!!

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  • Here it is! A look at my gaming & recording setup for 2017!

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    HP Omen Desktop:
    i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60GHz
    16GB RAM
    256 GB SSD
    2TB HDD
    GTX 1070 Graphics Card

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    MasterOid says:

    Wheres the Views wtf youtube

    genie1cp says:

    Can someone please tell me why he has 2 monitors?

    rayash427g says:

    Denk memems

    Jean-Sebastien Roy says:

    how did you manage to put those led lights behind those monitors??

    ArtyZiFF says:

    What’s up with the Hogan poster?

    Nihal 4854 says:

    can u buy me a ps4

    Alan Sanchez says:

    Can you give a shout out to my friend this random dude cool

    Odysseus Snelling says:

    Love the arm chair!

    Glitch_ 319 says:

    Damn, I want his set up

    rizarjay says:

    I love and want those Displates, but I wish they didn't have the names written on them.. It's like… Bruh.. I know who they are.. C'mon.

    GOld HuNte7 says:

    U r lucky u have all these things but i dont have but One DAY I will Have a good graphic card and room setup like you
    Awsome room setup bro

    Kevin F says:

    We got the same tv lol. I just bought the 65 inch model lol

    Mystical says:

    His office is sexc

    KillerAnime 517 says:

    I’m jerious

    Qwerty Gamer says:

    Chris do you still collect action figures?

    Ashok.A.G. Ashok says:

    Your room is sony


    tr mre cdi……….good

    Michael Castaneda says:

    Do more vlogs deny ops

    xeatdefeat says:

    ughh this office is GOALS!

    Lamaan720 says:

    Was really waiting for this

    Peter Wahome says:

    hey denk it's my birthday

    Peter Wahome says:

    hey denk it's my birthday

    Peter Wahome says:

    hey denk it's my birthday

    anna gambino says:

    I was subscribed since you had 500k! Best YouTuber ever.

    Evonne Johnson says:

    Dude what about madden

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