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MSI GL62M Review – MSI’s Most Affordable Gaming Laptop

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  • Lisa Gade reviews the entry level MSI GL62M 7REX 15.6” gaming laptop with a relatively slim and light design, Intel Core i7-7700HQ, NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti and a full HD IPS display. The notebook has a red backlit SteelSeries keyboard, 2 DDR4 RAM slots, SSD and HDD options and it starts at $979 at GearBest who supplied our unit: .

    It’s also available at Amazon and other retailers and it competes with the Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming Laptop, HP Omen 15 and Acer Helios 300.


    Soullise News Network says:

    Please do HP ZBook x2 Detachable Workstation

    T Accio says:

    Please review this too MSI GP62 7RDX 1021XMY LEOPARD

    seraph127 says:

    This is how to review tech. A little rushed, but fact-packed with relevant comparisons for context, wrapped up in a casual presentation.

    Han Solo says:

    Will this laptop play GTA 5? Just curious.

    Puneet Dembla says:

    PLEASE CAN ANY TECH YOUTUBER LOOK AT ASUS GL503 ? its got a good screen specially for content creators.

    Bani Grisson says:

    Thanks Lisa! Very good review… as always. I have that model and I'm very happy with it. I have to say, for everyone out there looking at specifications and such, about the not-so-good i have to say… the hard drive is pretty standard, fine for most things, but when dealing with lots/big files its a bit of a pain. Also, in the TN pannel build, the default screen gamma calibration is a mess. Downloading QuickGamma and doing some calibration is a must. After that it looks very nice. Viewing angles are bad, though. Lastly the audio drivers are not the most intuitive and the headphone jack can occasionally have some low level noise depending on god knows what. Other than that… IMO the keyboard it's incredibly nice, gestures in the trackpad are very good, usable and useful, CPU and GPU work nicely, they're enjoyable by all accounts, fast and snappy (not so much in ECO mode, naturally), screen looks very, very good outside (sun) and the mat finish is great. The usb ports are also very tight and nice, same as the other connectors. I use it for Photoshop/lightroom, light gaming, browsing, and Office and such. Would definitely buy it again.

    khalimany says:

    For $30 more, i can get the Predator Helios 300 which has 16GB DDR4 as compared to the 8 on this MSI and also a GTX 1060 as compared to a 1050ti on this. Honestly, why would one even go for the MSI?

    จอห์น says:

    3.5 hours for $1000……..hmmm

    pokemon92ify says:

    so how does this compares to the Lenovo Legion y520 with gtx 1050ti, intel i7 , 8 gb of ram and standard HDD?

    TuxKey says:

    Anyone tried to dual boot this thing in to Linux?

    shrlnzam says:

    But poor battery…

    Rien Espiritu says:

    Nice review Lisa! I'm getting one by the end of the month. This review helped me decide that it is totally worth it.

    Lexi Kill says:

    I went to the gearbest website and i cant find the 120hz version. Is it gone or am i just blind.

    Mohamed Ahmed says:

    Still waiting for a msi gt75vr review, its getting old without any reviews ☺️

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