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MSI 1080 Ti Gaming X Trio Review + Benchmarks

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  • Let’s take a look at the MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X Trio graphics card and see how well it performs. We’ll benchmark this card with some games and benchmark tools and find out its average and 1% low frame rates as well as temperatures, and how load it gets at idle and under full load. Finally we’ll consider if it’s worth buying for the price.

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    Viking says:

    Cool video! Thank you for testing different resolutions and settings. Do you think the cards weight could be a big issue in the long run ? I don't want my motherboard breaking in half 🙁 . The only thing stopping me from buying this card is it's weight.

    Zeke Levin says:

    what PC are you doing the testing with? I've only seen your new Threadripper one and your 16 core server.

    Ahmed360 says:

    68C only at full load! Amazing

    cryohellinc says:

    As always in practically any review on the web temperature analysis is Misleading.

    There are far more factors that influence GPU temperature, including – Overclock / SLI / games / resolution / refresh rate / frame rate you run it at / aliasing settings / graphical mods e.t.c.

    68c max? Give me a break. I can easily with same setup make any air cooled card throttle.

    For longevity, consistency of your clocks, and most importantly low temps only solution is – water / AIO.

    Maxim Chernykh says:

    That card looks insane! Nice video, keep doing videos like that 😉

    Tanjid Azad says:

    omg ! this card looks so cooool! <3

    The_ Loot_GaMer says:

    fantastic video man!!! great card.. I have the duke msi gtx 1080ti and uts pretty simular to this one!!! thumb up!!

    Hardware Unboxed says:

    Nice review mate, very epic card 😀

    Anorax says:

    I like the MSI Frozr cooling solutions. They offer a nice balance between cooling and fan noise.

    TheAsianGuy_LOL says:

    It looks and performs so good! Though sad it's not 12 Ghz like the FTW3 Elites.

    Racboon says:

    I thought it would be bigger but awesome!!!!

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