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Monster Hunter World | Tail Riders, Grimalkyne Quests & Tracking Doodles

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  • Let’s talk some more about the Palicos and Grimalkyne in Monster Hunter World and how we interact with them.
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    Connor Perfect says:

    Hold on….FISHING?!

    Noob Doesnt Trolls says:

    I need Griffon Blazooka and im done with the game.

    Kirk Riddle says:

    great videos as always!
    how long do you think we will have to wait to see the remaining maps/monsters?

    HypersonicPuffball 2002 says:

    I wanna see the Tigrex and nargacuga come back in HD

    Blazing Curry says:

    Man I've Been a hunter since tri and my brother since the 1st game this is going to be amazing. i can't wait!!! … just hopefully they bring back more older monsters

    spanish work says:

    Just wondering if you can be on a certain limb or section of the monster when mounting why not allow multiple hunters mount at a time. Have a Hammer smashing the face in while a blade user slashes and hacks at the tail both being mounted at the same time. It might be a little late in development for this idea but something to think about for the next Monster Hunter game

    Vanguard of Calamity says:

    What!? This will be my first Monster Hunter to play and your telling me on top of awesome looking gear and exploration (not to mention the actual monster hunting) there is the ability to team up with cats and they can have there own mini monster mount .. I'm riding this Gravy Train with Biscuit Wheels to Mashed-Potato Mountain fo sho ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

    Charles Jourdan says:

    Excuse me. Will there be a in-game voice chat? Or do I have have to just discord with my friends?

    Pureified Agony says:

    What's in the 150$ version of this game?

    ninjammer726 says:

    awesome news

    Syakirin57 says:

    @arekkz do you have any info on the amount of large monsters that will be in mh world?

    Supernerd471 says:

    I have a question regarding scout flies. Does their level affect a monster type on every map or do you have to level them on each map for the same species? Ex: Anja in the forest and in the desert.

    The Darkwrave says:

    I only hope they fixed online issues.. That moment when your hunting and your whole team leaves. You get stuck fighting a G rank elder dragon alone.

    Zerocharade says:

    I really hope there are a lot of monsters. The last 2 games had over 60 monsters, i dont want a repeat of Tri. Dont get me wrong Tri was fun but it was really short due to lack of monsters. The events are what kept me playing Tri.

    Zerocool3809 says:

    im so use to these games not having achievements that when the one popped up made me wonder what all they could be and how hard it will be to plat

    James C says:

    Hey Arekkz, i was wondering, what is that at the left-bottom of the screen with the R3 button as well as icons with EKGs? (lines on a heart monitor)

    kuaikukia says:

    "Nya Nya Nya Nya Nya Nya Nya Nya !!"

    It means "I want to play this game so bad !!"

    Yusei255 says:

    sure i dont mind the constant flow of new information we are getting for worlds.

    but also at the same time, if they keep this up, then they might aswell jsut reveal everything about the game while their at it

    kaklikful says:


    Senpai_Rose says:

    is the achievement list out yet?

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