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Monster Hunter World – Rathalos Solo Run – Charge Blade – 12:05″

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  • Unleashing the stylish powers of CB, Rathalos is a bit challenging but SUCH A FUN FIGHT.

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    John Price says:

    Are you making a guild ?

    brightsuperstition says:

    2:11. Have the hitboxes been improved or something? Because it seems like Rathalos' stampeding attack didn't do any damage to you.

    Voldebutt says:

    Beautiful from start to finish, i knew that of all people, Apex would be the one to show people how good charge blade really is, instead of just spamming the (hold) A combo and just doing ultras, or being someone that just powers the sword up to do that big downward sword strike after a charge and never uses any other move COUGH COUGH AREKKZ COUGH , when in actual fact the ENTIRE point of using this weapon is to make use of the individual phials in axe mode to get the most benefit, this video is testament to how epic this weapon really is.

    IcePowder says:

    Is it me or did they change it's sound effects?

    Expecially the roar

    Le Phuoc Loc says:

    The motherfucking guard point in MH4U is BACK ????? WHATTTT??? Nice video btw Apex.

    CallMeDarrell says:

    Now i have to spend all day trying to beat this time LOL

    Tasty says:

    Do a guide to charge blade please, good video btw

    tawfiq in the house says:

    U shold play tera

    Jeffrey Basquial says:

    Do it with the bow please!

    Jedex96 says:

    The effect this game is giving to me fells really like when I played MHTri. Awesome hunt!

    MrSmilest says:

    Charge blade everywhere… P L S!!!! Need Good Giant sword or hammer gameplay :/

    mega zero says:

    8:05 How did you Shield Thrust after a phial reload? Wouldn't that give you AED?

    Hmmm says:

    Such a fun fight? That's a special kind of masochism to enjoy watching a monster fly 24/7 and not being able to properly counter it mid air unless you spam flash bombs, use IG or ranged weapons.

    Overlord Zetta says:

    Take a shot every time Rathalos trips.

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