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Monster Hunter World | Rathalos, Pukei-Pukei & Great Jagras Speedrun

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  • More Monster Hunter World beta gameplay! This time we’re taking down Rathalos, Pukei Pukei and Great Jagras fast.
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    Feiora says:

    Great Jagras was great therapy for failing with my bowguns on the bigger things >.< Im usually a solo runner, so yea I get my ass kicked alot or time out or the fingers get stiff and sore, especially if on handheld… Getting old sucks, having carpal tunnel in both wrists sucks even more. Its getting to the point where I cant do fancy moves in games anymore, and the scariest thing is the thought that this might be my last Monster Hunter game…

    Feiora says:

    How does it not notice the puny human planting a huge explosive barrel, and fail to notice the explosion and the rockslide and water rushing at it?! Does it have worse eyesight than a T-Rex and is absolutely deaf?!

    Krangbot says:

    So is hammer pretty much the most useful and needed weapon to have in a group? What other weapons are good at stunning other than the support musical one?

    Rage Gaming says:

    Do you play it on a slim or pro?

    Quantum Physics says:

    Can you do like a video on everything you need to know on this game before it releases? Kinda like tips video or something like that.

    Thy 72eaper says:

    My only drawback for the game is that everytime i fight something theres always another monster trying to fight my target. I hope that doesn't happen everytime in the full release.

    Marcellus Luis says:

    Do all mons have turf war animations? Or jus a select few

    Stuart Mossop says:

    In Tri, there were higher level monster parts (scale +, gems, etc) you could only obtain through online play. Will there be something similar in World?

    Oggy Googly says:

    Hi, I would like to ask, not just for you, but for anybody who sees this comment, if you have any idea in which platform will Monster Hunter World be sold on the PC, for example, if its gonna be sold on steam or any other platform of sorts. Thanks either way

    Akash Drakneel says:

    I don't know if its just me but does the monsters clipping anoy anybody….

    XHCharles says:

    Why do you chose not to break certain parts of the monsters? Is it provide you with better loots?

    Rift Herald says:

    Ratholos how i hate you so.

    DazzlingCockroach says:

    I am looking forward to the game coming out. Not only for the game itself (or rather, Capcom starting to work on the PC version of the game), but also so we can get "real" footage. Beta content scratches the itch, but with a chainsaw. Seeing 4 players each use 2 traps and 5 knives on a single Rathalos almost makes me feel bad for the wyvern.

    Still though ! Thanks for your work and vids, man !

    wolfdragons XIII says:

    New player.I know some monsters have elemental weakness but if use a weapon with the same element of a monster (like fire on fire) would it do less base or elemental damage than it should?

    Nathan Dove says:

    Sharpening hammers……………makes sense

    Charles Long says:

    Arekkz in your tour around Astera video, when you were showing the quests, it said down at the bottom that you couldn't repeat completed assignments, that has me a bit puzzled???

    Maverick Santos says:

    Arekkz why not use the Big Bang combo for the hammer (pressing circle)? It's literally the best part about the new hammer.

    Zedist says:

    cutting the tail is good right?

    redk7 says:

    Arrekz is beast mode with that hammer. Best hammer gameplay I've seen so far.

    Nayvadius Wilburn says:

    the moment when you realize the beta is just speedruns… i feel like that. 😀 anyone else?

    2savage 4you says:

    Are styles still a thing in this game

    AngryGeek Production says:

    solo speedruns without palico are TRUE monster hunter speedruns … this is just a bunch of guys hiting and stunlocking a monster … there is no show of skills here, no need to avoid all the attack patern and look like a god … it's just 4 hunters hiting everywhere smashing buttons lol

    Just A Fan of Fantasy says:

    I dunno why but I freaking hate hammers use the couple time def not for me anything else just no that weapon maybe not the charge blade and the switch axe either probs only coz I’ve haven’t played the games after tri and never really played tri probably bout 2 or three hours total but MHFU at least 105 hours, killed Nargakuga when I was 11 in 2011 on PSP then quit that was a fluke and trying that hard again killed my hands. Lol

    araradude says:

    Damn, suffering withdrawal symptoms already… I need my MHW fix quick!

    FilthyCasualKai says:

    It sucks that people I got matched with wouldn't even try going after los. I had him limping and they killed the main monster before I could kill him. 🙁

    wolfdragons XIII says:

    They didnt sound happy the tail got cut off of rathalos, is there a reason you wouldn't cut it?

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