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Monster Hunter World | Quests & Expedition Mode in Depth

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  • Let’s take a more in depth look at the Expedition mode in Monster Hunter World and some of the stuff you can get up to.
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    Jayver TV says:

    Tigrex as dlc 😀

    Shadow Warrior says:

    So if I kill a monster or if it leaves, does another monster spawn in the area or there is only 2 monsters left then if the 2 others die or leave there is no longer monsters in the area and I have to restart the expedition ? I know that in previous titles new monsters spawn when one disapear but I wonder if that change. Thanks for any answer ^-^

    Trashcan Man says:

    I have a question! You said monsters can leave the area and potentially join it as well. Does this mean we can slay the 3 monsters then have more show up later? love the videos Arrekz thanks for all the info! <3

    AbysLord says:

    For the NPC that roam the map, do they have a reaction to nearby large monster that approaches them or will they keep doing their own business despite the present of the monster? An example of you lure the monster next to them.

    Leifenguard says:

    Will there be Rajang in the game so that every noob can enjoy some hot Rajang dick?


    Is there a snow area?

    hellatze says:

    oh yes. expidition mode.

    where i find deviljho when i go mine that damm charm.

    I'm Nameless says:

    Can't wait !!! How many monsters will the game contain at release? Just curious, hoping for 25-30 atleast at release

    Wolfhouse says:

    I got two questions about the free hunt… first can I do this online with my friends and the last question do I get Hunter Rank Points from killing Monsters on the Free Hunt?

    Yung Nike Sock says:

    thar female npc is so sexy wtf

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