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Monster Hunter World | No Armor Rathalos Hunt w/ 4 Lances

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  • We decided to do a no armour hunt against Rathalos in the Monster Hunter World beta – here’s how it went!
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    Scarlet Crystal says:

    The running animations is a lot funnier when you're in your pj's.

    Skelly Boy says:

    Do a naked hunt on Diablos

    Immortal says:

    Size of download on ps4?

    Limbo says:

    Hey guys, sorry got self advertising I know it’s a bitchy move but I’m doing videos on Monster Hunter when the game comes out, I’m going to be doing guides, a full let’s play and so much more including builds etc so I would really appreciate it if some of you went over and subscribed atm I’m doing a darksiders 2 let’s play as I didn’t have time to play the beta of this game unfortunately so if you would go and show some support that would be amazing

    Muhammad Farra says:

    uh sir I have a question, its about solo and multiplayer play. if we go solo offline play, grind some stuff to get better equipment, can we also use that in multiplayer, basically I was trying to say that a player can go solo offline mode for grind if they want, then show off later in multiplayer about their achievement equip from solo play XD

    Mian L says:

    Rathalos is obviously attempt a suicide,he build its nest below a breakable dam.

    hoIyforks says:

    They brought back the MHtri combo btw. You can triple poke into fast counter without skipping ahead in the combo line. Just replacing every hop back with a fast counter is like +50% dps.

    Zerocool3809 says:

    didnt know the lance let u run up trees like naruto lol

    Mujina Kuronagi says:

    That run jump from the tree trunk was awesome as soon as you took Rathalos down before the flash

    Nafis Zaman says:

    try doing solo naked hunt

    anynameavailablewtf says:

    That was a good 14 minutes of thrusting before they came to a satisfying end.

    Its JAX says:

    One thing I don’t understand is how new players that played the beta completely criticize the game and everything the game has to offer.

    Things they’ve complained about:
    – Minimized combos
    – Repetitive Boss battles
    – Complicated Button Layouts
    – Too much Visuals on HUD

    It’s kinda ridiculous and a bit disrespectful, in my opinion bruh. On the real. You can tell these guys put there heart and soul to make this game the way they visioned it, giving western audiences ways they’d enjoy. And y’all just bashing this game…

    They’re not asking for money, ridiculous pricing on Loot boxes and in-game currency. Instead, they give players FREE DLC and no micro transactions. Y’all go ahead and stick with your 8k Graphic games, cause on 3DS this franchise was amazing. If your a new player, please, be patient and just play the game like you would with other. That’s all I ask.

    RodimusPrime29 says:

    I need & love squad communication like this!

    mikethehuman says:

    IN 6:49 can be seen that you staggered the monster mid air before the flash! IT WAS YOU!!

    Jigon24601 says:


    ChiruYES says:

    I always feel bad when I see a lance not block a roar, or counter a roar

    Andrew Moua says:

    Naked run diablos with hbg??? I'd love to watch that xD

    ZeroX1986 says:

    How are you still hunting???? i want to play more

    Sean Obrien says:

    so im new to this whole monster hunter stuff well since psp i havnt played alwys wanted it to come to consol i love your channel tho 😀

    Quentin Le Boucher says:

    No armor 3 monster pls

    Biblebarf says:

    It's painful watching this

    Anthony Bragg says:

    So we'll hunt rathalos with no armor! but we'll do it in the safest way possible…

    Cameron Kujas says:

    Which base is the Rathalos nest closest to?

    Nyphilim says:

    not gona lie it looked like you guys were using over-sized cattle prods and just pissing it off

    DomBallingHard says:

    Its ridiculous how hyped i am for the second beta even tho i played like 20 hrs in the first one xDDDD jan 26th is my christmas

    Supernerd471 says:

    Anyone complaining about insect glaive in the beta probably doesn't know how to use it properly

    Revonlieke says:

    Great job with that!

    Yazzo Da Great says:

    DAMN that Rathalos dropped like a rock after being hit by that waterfall

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