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Monster Hunter World | New Rotten Vale Map Gameplay Breakdown

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  • Let’s take an in depth look at the new Rotten Vale map shown off in new gameplay at Paris Games Week.
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    Wafty Waffers says:

    this game will be great!

    Logan Cerdhe says:

    Can you activate the traps with a ranged weapon?

    Jayden Whitmore says:

    What are your favorite monsters in MHW?

    The Spaztagonist says:

    I've always found the pronunciation among the monsters in this game through the community just cause it's all been text-based.
    I do believe Uragaan is pronounced Yur-Ah-Gain, cause there's a quest in Monster Hunter Tri to fight a large one called "Its Name Rhymes with Pain!", but I'm not notpicking or demaning anyone change their pronunciations just cause they hear the game/ creators say otherwise.. and hell, the quest probably has a different name in Japanese.
    Just like how Tidus will always be Tide-Us.

    Yazzo Da Great says:

    …imagine if Dalamander was just chilling in Rotten Vale tho

    Clayton Hilliard says:

    Ah, I see they've given Jay Leno a makeover.

    sergio martins says:

    Arekks 🙂 bro I must say you good bro wish I was lucky like you to go to Japan and all those places to play this monster hunter 🙂 I love it and can't wait to play if 🙂 bro are you gonna give away a pc verson

    Trent Kilgore says:

    Arekkz, dude I just wanna mention that out of the rest of youtube videos I watch I can't stand the intros but yours, not only can i handle but its pretty cool. Thanks for that

    SirBaggins says:

    new honey badger dont give a fuck

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