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Monster Hunter World | New Nergigante Gameplay & Observations

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  • Here’s another look at Nergigante in action in Monster Hunter World as seen at Jump Festa.
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    Harry Field says:

    Anybody on Xbox?

    kai9755 says:

    this thing looks like satan’s pet

    dire miralis says:

    anyone remember me.. im also an elder dragon ;-;

    projectgreengamer says:

    I don't know if this is the beta or an update but compared to the earlier gameplay of nergigante but the wings seem more wing like than before where it kind of acted like a cape

    Wampa Stompa1 says:

    I'm so hyped to get this game, I'm definitely getting the collectors edition! Also, thank god the Beta starts up again tomorrow, I was really missing it.

    Hanging Free says:

    I'm taking Nergigante down with SnS! I forsee it…

    Christopher Dodge says:

    One thing to note about Nerg's spikes is after he "fully charges" and gets a full suite of black spikes, he'll do a new attack where he jumps up in the air and does this crazy dive that does tons of damage. The caveat is that it also breaks all his spikes and starts the cycle over again. So don't despair if he gets full spiked up, because he'll break them off again. Just don't get one-shot in the process!

    Jamie Gambino says:

    Hey Arekkz I don't know if this has been answered anywhere as I have seen so far, but in the beta, is there a point to carving monsters really? Like are we able to craft new weapons and armor or are we only able to use pre set armor and weapons. Thanks!

    Kirk Riddle says:

    I can't wait to smash his horns!!!!!!

    In The Beginning says:

    Are slime weapons still a thing? I hope not as they were op as crap back when I played 3U.

    Romel Watiwat says:

    I thought of a new weapon. Dual Guards, a support one. Its like a large shielf cut into half and equiped on both hands. It'll get bigger during swift mode and the character is gonna be moving fast like lance . What a nice supprt weapon. Lbg/hbg/bow are gonna be safe so much.let the makers know.

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