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Monster Hunter World | New Monster ‘Pukei Pukei’ Gameplay

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  • Let’s take a look at some gameplay against Pukei Pukei in Monster Hunter World, one of the new monsters!
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    DAMK says:

    Am I the only person who's bothered by the fact that these monsters don't have any blood?

    JD Gaming says:

    Hey Arekkz! The next time you ever do a QnA with the devs you should ask about subspecies. Subspecies would complete MHW as the best monster hunter ever imo.

    Adam Shumate says:

    Is anyone else getting a March 2018 release date from the Playstation store?

    Sandro Völker says:

    Can you tell us something about the controls can you set them as you like? Do you have a few variants to choose. I mean it would be awesome if you could move the camera ith L1 and R1 just as example.

    yangtsur says:

    it seems to me the monsters are not aggressive enough. And in multiplayer hunt, since there are more targets for monster to go for, most of the time you can deal free damage at sides. and the game seems overall easier than previous MH games. I wonder what would be the difficulty level Arekkz would rate this new MH game.

    Jevon Snipes says:

    Yo Arekkz check out this rotten veil gameplay

    pokepower says:

    what i really wanna see is tails being severed.

    Mecko says:

    At 6:11 are the little monsters attacking the pukei pukei?

    Cesar Lagunas says:

    Can you give your character creator a name???

    Tyler Kadell says:

    Does the charge slash in sword mode have a guard point now like it did in Gen/XX Adept mode?
    I see that he's not using guard points as much as he used to talk about, but instead doing the charge slash.

    StarTheFury says:

    whoa… did the charge blade just turn into a fucking circle saw at 5:30? amazing!

    OverSeer909 says:

    I always love watching your videos but damn can you use another weapon besides charge blade? I'm sure some newcomers would like to see different weapons too. Be a jack of all trades man. 🙂 Those are the best kinds of players.

    Nigel Stroud says:

    Thanks a lot arekkz, i was gonna main insect glaive, but all you play is freakin charge blade, and now all i want to play is charge blade. Way to kill my dreams

    DeadReset says:

    I have never played a Monster Hunter game but the more I see of the cooler it looks.

    Chance kazz says:

    I hope they make sleeping weapons again. (Like the effect if you hit them too much )

    Aim Liard says:

    If my loved ninja Nargacuga is here i will cry

    Indra Sutanto says:

    Wait, poison can do lethal now?

    Sand Katze says:

    Will World have a story, like 4U and 3U did? And would you say it is more singleplayer focused or more multiplayer focused, if can tell that much at this point? (By that, I mean the amount and diversity of off- and online quests)

    Nicholas Martin says:

    Love it!!
    Cant wait for Jan for its release!!
    I have to know how will it be like for when you play with others.

    Is it like you connect to a server to play or is it like say warframe, where you are the host for the instance of the other 3 people.

    Zachey McZachFace says:

    Anybody else excited for the hitbox porn at the beginning? That monster was shooting right over his shoulder and he never took damage! Dare I say we may not have to worry as much about phantom hipchecks in this one!

    Altered Serenity says:

    Taking 2 weeks off of work for this game.

    Realshaun says:

    Nooo why are they showing DMG numbers? This was always a pluspoint for me, to EXPERIENCE how much damage i do, instead of getting direct feedback.

    Sam Holcombe says:

    For a new player is there hand holding or is it like well get on with it?

    Mr. Vista says:

    Shout out to all the Filipinos who are laughing at the monster's name right now. HAHAHAHAHA

    Alfred Stromberger says:

    For whatever reason, Pukei-Pukei is officially confirmed to be a Bird Wyvern.

    DezFrost Gaming says:

    I love pukei pukei

    DezFrost Gaming says:

    Yes monster hunter world video

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