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Monster Hunter World | Intro Gameplay, Characters, Map Shortcuts & More!

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  • Here’s a look at the intro to Monster Hunter World, some of the characters you’ll meet, and some map exploration!
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    Hseen Alaa says:

    so when will the game release anyone know ??

    Andrew Martinez says:

    Everyday without this games hurts.

    xXx xXx says:

    The biggest Question: when we get a demo?

    Knight Hunt says:

    So hyped just preordered the collector edition today

    Game Of Payne says:

    OK but can we customize and dress up the handler?

    Shagohod ~Red says:

    wait… forest and wastes are actually directly linked? you can just go to the wastes when you feel like it, even during a quest taking you to forest? jesus… that sure is a step up from freedom 1, 2, unite days….

    Geo Potsawat says:

    Take my money and my responsibility please

    Arcadia Tx says:

    Only for switch?


    where did u get this gameplay?

    Arya Gading says:

    What Plafform

    Pls tell meh..


    Silverus says:

    I am having a precognition of hunting an elder dragon that roams all over the world map. XD

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