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Monster Hunter World | Capture Quest Gameplay ‘Kulu-Ya-Ku’

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  • Here’s a look at capturing a monster in Monster Hunter World and a look at the new monster, Kulu-Ya-Ku.
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    UkazutoX says:

    I like that captured monsters are actually there being studied, ive always imagined thats where they get monsters for the arena

    Armand Harris says:

    Oh my god. . .I love this lock-on mode. It will make fighting soooo much easier. And the fact that the right stick will have camera control too, of course.

    Voldebutt says:

    Always bugs me when a charge blade user doesnt use the axe portion of the weapon and just uses the sword, the sword has two moves xD gotta love the spam.

    sarahbelle1313 says:

    i find a lot of beginners struggle to tell the difference between exhaustion/low stamina and limping/low health signs

    Jason D Walker says:

    Finally a cap video. We pros appreciate it!

    Ayzok Gaming says:

    Arrekz… You have a nice lady voice…

    Auron Kardek says:

    He can pick-up DECEARING EGGS

    MegaDragoBiz says:

    Gives me more incentive to capture imo, you can see the monster sleep in town after a fight

    ShadowDurza says:

    I hope they have a DLC that adds in Powlers.

    Nelson Ookami says:

    I hope the Slim version gets a bit pretty as this one! This game is so beautiful! * . *

    Matmil the polish savage says:

    Can anyone tell me how to participate in that giveaway please? I have subscribed to both of your channels, and i don't know what to do more…

    pomme tapin says:

    Is it running on the "smoother framerate mode" relative to the ps4 pro ? If so did you have the chance to play it on the regular console ? I'm kinda worried about the optimisation and framerate on ps4 fat/slim …

    NinAmuro57 says:

    The Jyura armor looks pretty sick to me. Same with the Charge Blade

    Valfalk says:

    0:11 feel u bro… the egg evri tim

    Capitán Indie says:

    wait…is the game in 60fps?

    Matthew Thon says:

    Sorry, dont mean to hijack your comments but have you seen this?Watch "Monster Hunter World – New Monsters Gameplay | PGW 2017 『モンスターハンター:ワールド』" on YouTube

    Starlightwolf1 says:

    Can I ask will you do a video to announce the PC release of MHW cause that's what I'm waiting for and I keep up to date with your MH vids more than forums and web announcements and stuff.

    Pega Doodle says:

    Kulu Ya Ku is too cute to kill. I'll cap it and let it chill out in Astera XD

    Kagami Naito says:

    Anyone else see MH World on psn store being released in March instead of January? Is that a bug or digital release date?

    kigucloudjester says:

    Wtf? An arid/ dry desert environment with no rhenoplos?????

    Elastic Brain says:

    AI looks dumb af.

    Alaxanderthefabulous says:

    I know it's the wrong video but did you notice that there is a dalamadure skeleton in the rotten vale I noticed it while watching the French rotten vale gameplay.

    Clarence Reyes says:

    so is this great maccao level difficulity or Great Jaggi?

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