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Monster Hunter World | Barroth Multiplayer Gameplay & MHXX Comparison

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  • Here’s some multiplayer gameplay in Monster Hunter World where we hunt the Barroth in the Wildespire Waste.
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    Cerbercre says:

    I can't believe it's only a month away… I'm so ready.

    Marco Presti says:

    Any news about Deviljho being in MHWorld?.. :'(

    Alfonso Maesa says:

    finally after so many years, good UI designs for better UX!

    MuroPecca says:

    Outro music?

    DeviousAmbition says:

    Woah! The purple drool is the new animation to show they are poisoned I assume? That is a really awesome way to do it.

    LiveIwantto says:

    How do u hook back onto the monster after u get thrown off? :O

    Kevin Miljojkovic says:

    Ffs why aren’t I getting your notifications!

    Darthplagueis13 says:

    I wish they wouldn´t call it a beta tbh. It´s a demo, just as we had it for plenty of other MH games before. I mean, with a beta I would associate early access to the actual gameplay rather than a few preset levels for you to test out.

    Darkwolfviking says:

    @Arekkz, did you get a flight from haneda yesterday? I think i saw you in the plane XDDD

    OneDreams54 says:

    Am I the only one thinking that this barroth seems a little bit smaller than in the previous games ?

    Pure Scum says:

    Based on your views I can safely say the minority of us aren't here for Destiny.

    CuriousGenie2 says:

    Why isn’t the beta going on the Xbox 1 🙁

    Jude Hall says:

    Holy shit what the fps looking like?

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