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Molyneux’s Career Started With a Lie [Dishonesty in Gaming] – Did You Know Gaming? extra Feat. Greg

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    This time on Did You Know Gaming extra, we take a look at how Peter Molyneux’s career started with a lie, as well as how a lie changed the Ninja Gaiden series. Then we talk about a lie around the promotion of the notoriously bad Action 52 for the original Nintendo NES, followed by some trivia about the PlayStation 1 (PS1) classic, Wipeout.

    Did You Know Gaming extra is a show where we take a theme, and explore all kinds of facts, secrets and Easter eggs associated with that theme, topped off with a random piece of trivia.

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    Oscar Velazquez says:

    Why is this not narrated by Guru Larry?

    shadowspider9 says:

    Hello you. I'm not Guru Larry.

    Moises Cortez says:

    boycott dykg till they put larry bundy jr in this video

    mraaronhd says:

    You all fuckin up by not getting Guru Larry.

    Stephen P says:

    Hello you! I hope you're having a fantastic day!

    Nicolas Rolke says:

    Guru Larry.

    N. Oil says:

    luru garry shudlve been naratin dis viedo111!!!!!1one!

    Dušan Xmetov says:

    This episode just isn't what it could've been without Guru Larry…

    Peace Walker says:

    The angry Video Game Nerd needs to know about action 52's contest.

    smoothslide says:

    Thunderdome crossing over to videogame. Hardcore will never die.

    TheEnixSquared says:


    Nicholas Coker says:

    I'm surprised Sony's PS3 E3 presentation isn't on here.

    Lilzuljin says:

    Inb4 Larry calls you a copycat for just saying Molyneux.

    17659817265781465781 says:

    "Lying to get the job" or Billgating

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