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    chaos zwei says:

    i can see purple just fine, but green, not. you know on the second to last boss in nelth? as a melee, its nightmare because i cant see those green purrple of gass. pretty sure there are some other visual effects that are only green i cant see. been hearing stories of poeple having the same issue but with purple or orange collors. not sure if its a bug or my PC. running with DX11

    WWFAttitudeEraFreak says:

    Member berries

    Seth Someguy says:

    preach mages can iceblock fragment and spawn no adds which allows everyone to tunnel

    NullUpdate says:

    +18s aren't an answer to harder content when the rewards are still complete RNG. I might as well chain +15s together (and get the same level of loot!) If a +20 rewarded you with anything special other than an indeterminate bonus to your roll of the dice at the end, then maybe.

    Tom Winkler says:

    Howdy Preacher, from Texas. Keep the great videos coming

    zevo9663 says:

    sadly, pushing high M+ keys even though it feels unrewarding to get all the 940 loot, is actually rewarding because of titanforging and the fact you can farm for specific pieces. i honestly dont know why the cap is heroic ilvl for a 15. if its getting harder and harder, it could go all the way up to mythic loot for like a 20. 20's are just as hard as a mythic boss imo, it should reward the same loot ilvl and then cap there

    MrZurata says:

    There is and always will be "hard content" but the bar has been set so low for everything else that at times I struggle to call WoW a game anymore

    Do we really need normal and heroic versions of dungeons and raids at this point?

    Tsubaki inbloom says:

    I play on directX 9, 50% rendering scale, Just so i can get 25+ Ish Fps. So i have this problem 24/7 Still owning with my main being 964 equipt. Ayy

    Shayne Gauvreau says:

    Pepper Ridge Farms remembers…….

    Sonos45 says:

    Harder content not a race against the clock. We used to view some things as "obstacles."

    Reeven says:

    Really game engine developers should just ditch DirectX entirely and do everything in OpenGL / Vulkan. Obligatory XKCD comic about standards.

    xsvmalice says:

    Bro late Christmas present dk legacy video

    svhr1959 says:

    Why bother with anything above 60fps? The human eye cannot detect above that (usually i the 30-40 range). If you could EVERY led would appear to flicker, as would most lights! The 1oo+ monitors /cards are purely a marketing gimmick.

    Gorith says:

    I want harder content… I want all pulls to require CC, bosses to take 5+ minutes (20+ for raid bosses) with perfect execution, nearly no room for error from the entire group, soloing world content to not be possible, dps heavily gated behind tank threat, no catch up gear, single raid difficulties (if your not good enough to beat it you don't get to see more content and no your sub doesn't entitle you to see content), /played times to max level in the weeks even for the fastest, etc I want to see a truly hardcore MMO that punishes every mistake to the extreme.

    Tzun - Monster Warlord says:

    I always enjoy your content and watching your smirk when your mind wanders of into one of those stories 😀
    keep it up

    Jonsse says:

    Yeah I love doing my weekly mythic+ dungeon just so I get a lottery ticket for next weeks Challengers EuroJackpot. What great game design for an MMO.

    alungwilliams1 says:

    "Don't scythe me, bro" Preach 2017

    Vipala says:

    Try 24 tyrannical when the fight lasts 7 minutes

    Papa Sears says:

    still searching for the holy grail huh preach? figured you would have been done with wow by now XD

    Dracov the Death Knight says:

    Hey preach much love from Canada. Your vids made me start focusing on my dk as a tank. So much more satisfying. Made new account on EU might roll horde.

    AlmostDone Creating says:

    I think its not about hard content..

    Its the fact that you can see the raid in an easy mode (lfr) so their 'needs' are kinda fullfilled. If you give them one difficulty they will put more effort in it too see content and feel more rewarded.

    I wanted to do aq40 so freaking bad when i started playing because i only found 2-3 videos about it and had no clue how it looked at the time.

    When entering a city you could tell who the hardcore raiders were by their gear without inspecting…

    Ppl complain now that for hard content you cant find a group but thats what guilds are for, unfortunatly because of lfr you no longer feel the need to get yourself in a guild.

    The social aspect feels gone for me in current wow, i recently logged on and with al the freaking funitems and flashy transmog it felt like a private funserver, and loggin back in on a vanilla private feels homie.

    Richard Jones says:

    5:50 well when you've done 23-24 across the board besides cathedral (pre-nerf) it's still pretty easy until you're forced to either play a better class or spec which is the other side of the game sucking.

    you're either crushing shit like it's nothing or you're just simply falling short because blizzard doesn't balance shit. if you're playing all the right specs and still crushing you end up failing a run from bad rng which is just as bad.

    mythic+ as a whole is more competitive than mythic raiding because mythic raids eventually stop being hard as people learn what to do but mythic+ just keeps going… besides the people who were doing 30's but yknow… balance is hard how do 1+1? :thinking: not even bosses that literally do nothing like skovald for an entire patch but DH's getting double meta, and some dungeons being designed with classes being strong in mind but aren't ever taken due to "if you pull that much we die" so smaller group cleave classes excel.

    a limitless scaling is nice but when people still have an easier time roasting low level keys for max loot from weekly chest there isn't much reason to bring other classes that only do well in high keys because things don't die in 3 seconds.

    Syhre Syhre says:

    Preach Gaming, have you turned down projected textures? that controls the visibility of those mechanics you can't see

    GlorionTanks says:

    Meh, M+ being hard is not the same as the BC heroics being harder. IMO the BC heroics are harder. Had to plan the pulls, CC 4 out of 5 mobs and things like this. Much more fun gameplay IMO.

    VidinaSS says:

    Merry Christmas Preach/Ghosty and to all

    tetrisgoat says:

    I love hard content. But I find the barrier of entry to difficult, from a community perspective. I didn't do mop or wod, so I didn't have raiding progress to fall back on, so I've been unable to find a guild for this entire expansion. I plugged +9s and even a +11 at the start of the expansion, but suddenly I was unwanted, one day to the next from everyone. Something about score, gearscore or ilevel. I knew I could do it, but it didn't help.

    Gommie says:

    The reason people say "The game is easy" is because you don't have to work for anything. I'm 940 on my main (1 1/2 months old.) and not touched a single raid before hitting that level. All from 1 week doing Argus.

    Aggarnar says:

    it could be nice if the next time you do this with a full guildie group that we hear comps or something like that if you dont have a topic on mind for the video

    ZuIu2012 says:

    The answer is simple Preach. Just turn it up to 11.

    HeyDanny says:

    Hate to be that guy but Mythic Raiders LUL

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