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LZ vs GAM Highlights World Championship 2017 Group Stage Longzhu Gaming vs Gigabyte Marines by Onivi

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  • LZ vs GAM Highlights World Championship 2017 Group Stage Longzhu Gaming vs Gigabyte Marines
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    Maico Night says:

    That Feeling When they Compare GAM with Koreans.

    Uchiha Harisu says:

    Boring to ez for longzhu

    Luan Sama says:

    Feel like a solo queue lol

    Mai Chau says:

    Achie già hơn qtv rồi. Tele từ trụ 2 ra trụ 3feed cho nó nhanh

    Phúc Nguyễn says:

    Lúc chưa đánh thì đm Đm tung hô. Thua thì lại chơi chiêu là GAM giấu bài. Lz thích ứng lối chơi quá tốt. Cái địt mẹ đã thua thì chấp nhận lại còn đổ thừa này nọ. Mấy thanh niên vãi l

    Jose Lorenzo says:

    Moral is don't use off meta champs against korea

    nghĩa trần says:

    Thấy trận này gam muốn giữ bài lại cho trận sau . Thấy pick tướng nguyên 1 team không có cc cứng nào . :))))

    Viper Nevir says:

    Forever love GAM

    Epic Moments says:

    GAM tuổi lồn, con chó lợn achi 2 game toàn feed, đi chuyển ngu hết phần team.

    Lucis R says:

    Rip Eu teams

    Orlando Ocampo says:

    Da fuq with GBM picks?

    Tony Ho says:

    So I have read these vietnamese comments and I realize one thing, GAM's fans are mostly consisting of degenerates. This is worlds, you dont try out random shit against the best team in the world, you dont treat this as a joke, believing this chaotic strat will work on other teams beside FNC is also crazy and as seen here this strat when goes wrong, goes wrong in the worst way possible with no potential comeback. In the light of teams that take this team with serious consideration, the strat shown so far is useless. In other regions you call this play style solo q, this is worlds this kind of shit wont be forgiven by top teams, they will fuck you over to no ends. Diving and tp to a 10% tower against 4 people while being behind, what kind of mess is this. It is very funny how one win from possibly the second worst team in world boost their confidence so much.

    Hao David says:

    Nice Try Though

    Andre akherman says:

    0:43 Lep

    huy nguyen says:

    We know that our position can not beat a Korean team, but one day when the whole world is talking about the legendary alliance, they must mention Vietnam I believe so.

    Mysterious Gamer says:

    Im favoring GAM as i did to TPA before..but against LCK,cant ask for more.hehe

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