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LG Unveiled My New GAMING Monitor!

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  • LG showed off their new line of gaming monitors and 5k displays…droool. It’s finally 3440 x 1440 with G-Sync! Oh, and RGB 🙂
    Thanks to Corsair and HardwareCanucks for my CES 2018 Coverage.

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    Grey says:

    Still only IPS shiat

    Havok says:

    Wait, so this or the Alienware? ultrawide one

    Hodor says:

    "We're finally getting G-SYNC on these ultrawide monitors." Uh, my x34 3440×1440 is a couple years old, ultra wide, with G-SYNC. What do you mean by "finally" lol

    theo nosehair says:

    LG = Lucky Gold Star … Korea

    Kyle Charest says:

    Does it have any HDR certification?

    TechZee says:

    innovations unlocked

    gaming at max says:

    can you give away your monitors if you do buy new ones from LG just having a chance to win something that is twice or 3 times the amount of my entire setup is awesome. And alot of other people would enjoy it to 😀

    Dominik Pullisaar says:

    didnt u have 3 mil subs

    Silent Market says:

    G-sync is useless on high fresh rate monitor and it causes input lag. why don't people understand this? Heavily influenced by media?

    Karol Jataman says:

    Man this gold chain… 🙂

    Denmon says:

    FFS I'm still here waiting for a proper curved 29" 21:9 1080p 120hz IPS with freeesync. Make it happen!

    iiTimo says:

    U can give ur old monitors away. Hit me up 😉

    weedsmith 93 says:

    Google watches you and keeps your information every search
    Duxkduckgo is where it's at

    Filip Olofsson says:

    Im going to build a pc (budget pc) and i wanna know if these specs are ok for CSGO, Gta V, Fortnite.

    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050ti 2GB

    AMD A8 7600 3.8GHz Turbo

    Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB 1600MHz

    1000GB (1TB) 7200RPM 64MB

    Joan Garcia says:

    I hope they make a 3840×1600 version in 35, a 5120×2160 later down the line too! (I play FPS games very close to the monitor so I do notice the individual pixels)

    Kerdtress says:

    Perfect replacement for my 34UC88-B …

    Monk shonk says:

    i'm confused by the title

    Samuel B. says:

    he is taking about one monitor but showing a other

    Lucky Shots says:

    Finally got gsync ultrawide?!?!?! I have been on that for over a year now. Get with the program!

    IkOlafYT says:

    What's the price?

    Tommy Castle says:

    Thanks I'm happy with my Acer Predator X34

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