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    Sygmus6 says:

    It's super scary wondering what's going to happen when you're laying in a hospital bed. I had anemia, got it checked out after I fainted at home.

    ZetaNiGHT says:

    I fucking adore this game. I hope you like it Suzy!

    Kent Casandra says:

    oh my god yes

    Redaun Amarién says:

    Well now you HAVE to play Katawa Crash as well…

    Eevee says:

    Wow this hits home. I too have a arrhythmia which causes my heart to beat to fast. This is rather scary because if I exert myself too much I get trouble breathing and I get dizzy and if it gets worse I just black out like him. Thank god with my medication it is mostly under control, but there is allways a worry in the back of your head. So I do love seeing such a subject getting tackled in a game.

    JustARandomPerson says:

    The only time I've ever been to the hospital besides for birth was when I was a baby and I had an allergic reaction because I had too many new foods in one day. I was fine in the end though 😀

    Kevin Greene says:

    I was in the hospital for a rupture bowel and like 4 inches of my instestn removed. I have a ostmey bag and been that way for the past 14 years

    WhoopsSorryAboutThat says:

    oh god, please no I don’t feel like crying again

    shin0bi 272 says:

    Oh god no not this game! Suzy noooo! My heart cant take it!

    klaytonrocks says:

    This game made me feel feelings when it came out. I'm happy you're playing it, Suzy! It's pretty good for a fan-created VN.

    Evan Lakey says:

    YESSS I loved this game, i watched it played once its really cool!

    Ghost3210 says:

    Ohh here go the feels again.

    DearMissWhite says:

    I like the idea of this game a lot! Definitely gonna end up playing it myself too 🙂

    edwardisme says:

    Man, I wish I've never had to go to the hospital. I've had hives that I needed steroids for, a ruptured appendix, kidney stones (I thought I was having a baby, it was so painful lol), and a precancerous cyst in my colon. Hospitals are not fun. I've also been there a lot with family members. They give me anxiety now lol.

    Joey Collins says:

    Suzy… You should just put a "live" video on youtube that's just a 24/7 loop of 10 seconds of you laying down with your eyes closed… and see how many people watch that… Why am i fucking suggesting this creepy as shit… cause i feel like it would be hilarious… Title it sleepy KittyKat and hope no one ever questions how you could sleep without moving on a video never really doing a new action always in the same place, but still release videos on youtube of you playing video games.

    Robert Kelly says:

    I do love the writing in this game, every sentance is so eloquent.

    Jionunez7 says:

    Wait, Mike Inel did the animations!?!?!

    Dorian Alexander says:

    I'm so glad you started to play this game. It is so well done.

    Ascertain20 says:

    I was in the hospital for some weird illness along with Chickenpox when I was 6. My parents said I was drifting in and out of consciousness when I was in the bath. The other time was overnight after I had surgery to get my scalp cysts removed. I passed out twice most likely because I had those things in my scalp a long time and my body was probably trying to sort out these new spaces for blood flow.

    Libby Palmer says:

    I looooove this dating sim! T.T

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