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    Ghojan says:

    Why did i even sub? xd

    MrEvolved says:

    The beginning is a it of a slog but STAY WITH IT! It gets great.

    Esuna says:

    Probably need longer episodes, it's going to take a while to get to the good stuff and get ready for like 10-20 hours of reading.

    JetblackThemeTime says:

    "…." Fred

    BKaitsuki says:

    i wish i had a school like that………. my poor health was criticized and untreated when i was in highschool

    Shit Nukes says:

    May I suggest the length of video of these visual novels be longer? It'll be a while before the choices you make in the game are put into effect and set you on a route. Also pretty curious who'll you go for :3

    Camoni Ana/Tracer says:

    Yeet. Lets get it

    Sechan1996 says:

    This is awesome!

    Muckamuck says:

    This playthrough is probably mostly recorded already, but I hope Suzy chooses a girl to pursue soon. You don't really get a second chance to decide, which leads to a hilariously dark and somewhat inappropriate bad ending.

    Ghost3210 says:

    Back in the day I laughed about Kenji's theories … then I came into real contact with modern feminists. They truly don't aim at equality anymore o.O

    Kyle Blank says:

    “Was that just the intro?” Suzy, you’re maybe 1/3rd through the intro, if that. You haven’t even met any of the other girls yet.

    scottaw1981 says:

    this could of made a good horror game, you come there, start feeling weak the longer you stay, find out everyone used to be normal before coming there…

    Devilyaki says:

    Not sure this is a game for me, it is rather boring.. think it's another one I will skip watching. Was hoping for more monster hunter :3

    JMD9017 says:

    Ah yes, the secret best girl: Kenji

    Kain Littleton says:

    Why don’t we have schools like this here in the states?

    Shannen Hartono Limbong says:

    Kenji… Is that a Harry Potter reference?

    Dominic Rizzo says:

    Whoa whoa whoa! I’m freakin out… this cafeteria image… that’s my high school cafeteria. Like point for point. There is no difference. This is it! AHHHHHH!!!

    Aaron Mulligan says:

    Aw sweet! I loved Katawa Shoujo! Memories!

    Waaruum Daaruum says:

    Day 3
    Nobody is having suicidal thoughts yet. This might be an ordinary dating simulator

    SupaPixelGirl says:

    I hope you have a great new year <3

    5t3v3n r0g3r5 says:

    Such an early video, ty (^_*)

    Mario Castaneda says:

    First one haha

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