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    zoe 11 says:

    Kitty do you play Star Stable? 😀

    Pierpaolo Mercurio says:

    i feared this game could be just a pity trip but it's actually well written i like it :3

    scottaw1981 says:

    man, sure is spiraling into a silent hill kind of school. starting to find empty unused classrooms….whats next? Find out have the school is caved in on the other side with wildlife growing over? My expectations are too high, I know.

    Ryan Doster says:

    happy new year suzy!!

    Floor Abbestee says:

    Why is a deaf girl not in a school for the deaf? I don't feel like that's a handicap that would benefit from 24 hour nurses

    supercyc10 says:

    Lilly is best gurl

    Aurora Bennett says:

    i love this game and am currently playing it myself because of watching you

    Ray Ray Smith says:

    Happy New Year to you and the Grumps <3

    Ringos and Dingos says:

    Would you say I have a plethora?

    Hallafolkens says:

    So far, with her choice, it becomes Rin or Emi so far whit her choices

    Father Homewood says:

    Keep going! Love the reactions to the situations. Would like hour long episodes but I know that is asking a bit much :3

    I look forward to the next episode.

    Dan Menard says:

    Ah, Morty, segue is pronounced seg-way.

    Kain Littleton says:

    Oh god Shizune is so damn adorable it hurts!!!! Stop it damn you!!!

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