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    rivieraplayer says:

    at this rate you should get to chapter 2 by episode 71

    Tristan Frodelius says:

    Nah, Misha is merely an interpreter. No OCD or anything.

    Chuckles The Enchilada says:

    I wanna see arin join, since dan won't be on the grumps channel for a while.

    beeen says:

    Barry’s Grumphead is still in the intro… RIP…

    Leongaku says:

    I really like this series, i just wish it had longer episodes :/

    Big Surge says:

    These episodes need to be longer. One conversation should not be an entire episode.

    Big Surge says:

    Misha's deal is that she's slow. I like that the game shows people with disabilities can still have skills. Just because Misha is slow doesn't mean she can't learn sign language.

    Lucapai says:

    I Know you'll probably never see this suzy, but i am very happy you are playing this game, other than Pokemon academy this is my favorite vn. Maybe i'm biased since i do have a disabilityXD.

    Travis Nguyen says:

    Ku Klux gaming

    Devon G says:

    Is Misha Manic-depressive? That's my best guess – very manic and not good at reading social situations.

    eggmansizzle says:

    Here's hoping for best girl, Lily.

    Sakura1Irving says:

    You actually do NOT have to join student council. You only join student council if you end up on Shicchan's route.

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