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JT MUSIC RADIO 💀 – 24/7 Gaming Music and Raps [Live Stream]

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    Welcome to JT Music Radio where we have EVERY ONE of our songs playing on loop from the last 9 years of our careers.

    [Note: This playlist is randomized. There’s no use requesting songs. Just go to the Cuphead video if you want to hear Cuphead.]

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    1. Treat others as you’d want to be treated. Aka Don’t be a dick.
    2. Don’t spam anything in any regard…NSFW content, repeated messages, or personal promotion are examples of this.
    3. NO Roleplay. People come here to listen to music and talk music. How would you feel if people came into Gamestop and wanted to talk to you about wood carving? What I’m saying is this: this isn’t the place for RP.

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