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Is this the ultimate gaming monitor?

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    Eric Owens says:

    Jay I love your videos man … but really? Did they pay you to talk about this absolutely boring non revolutionary LCD… oh it has RGB. Keep up the good work other than this.

    Amandeep Singh says:

    What's the name of the monitor?????

    Yolo Swaggins says:

    LED lights on the bottom of the monitor that help you monitor things in a game that are already displayed on the monitor directly above the LEDs…wtf is this garbage?

    Rodrigo Conti says:

    FreeSync and 16:9 aspect ratio? How this could be the ultimate gaming monitor?

    elptrilogy says:

    How is this still a thing? 1080p stretched to 27"?? uhhh no.

    kgkustomz97ser says:

    not a single serious gamer would buy a monitor with RGB lights on the front of the bezel…. all it is is a distraction. make the bezel thinner too

    Killer7481 says:

    "Ties into the steelseries engine" Oh so its tied into budget garbage. and has LED on the front. So garbage. Gotcha. moving on.

    cusson27 says:

    2 things:
    1) why rgb leds???
    2) why does every single 144hz 1440p monitor have to be black and red (there's red on the besile of this one I believe).

    Shane Mc Grath says:

    I turned the red logo off my ROG Swift monitor's base as it's distracting, Now other manufacturers are trying to put it even closer to the screen. sigh….
    They need to focus on better quality panels, Such as 4k HDR 144hz or FALD or OLED not this gimmicky RGB crap, Keyboard,mouse,case fans,AIO coolers is enough RGB for most.

    whiteandnerdytuba says:

    Nothing new exciting or interesting

    Alex Suarez says:

    penis got soft at 1080p 🙁

    Jordan says:

    So when do the Amazon links start working?

    V Matt says:

    Good vid. Amazon links N.G.

    Charles Acasio says:

    RGB on monitors? NOT INTERESTED.
    But COMPETITION in the monitor market. Woah! Does this mean monitor prices will go down?

    JacksMacintosh says:

    This mouse-controllable OSD is hopefully gunna be a game changer

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