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Is THIS the COD that everyone wanted?

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  • Call of Duty WW2 has been out for a few days now and so far it has been doing pretty well for itself. The reviews have been good and the sales are much higher then they were for last years Infinite Warfare. So has the return to a WW2 setting helped the franchise? Well if the UK sales are anything to go by – it certainly seems like it.

    Hosts: Jake Kulkowski and Gareth Evans
    Script: Jake Kulkowski
    Editor: Jake Kulkowski


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    Yuri Dragonuv says:

    The maps are bad… For that reason am out

    Biltre says:

    Why even bother with this game? If you want a ww2 themed singleplayer experience buy Wolfenstein 2 or if you want a multiplayer experience with the same theme but with far better mechanics buy Day of infamy.

    Maviard IV says:

    I havent had fun in a cod since Black Ops 1. And I played COD1:UO on PC like it was my religion back in 2004. I didnt buy it because the multiplayer is the same ol shit. Small run n gun, tiny boxy maps where people spawn behind you and gun you down. I play Dirty Bomb for my FPS fix, the same developers as Wolf:ET, and goddamn am i having a blast.

    YoDa BaKi says:

    Yay…… I guess? Never liked cod or FIFA but if people like cool

    Foreverparadoxed says:

    I rented it from Redbox. The campaign wasn't as good as I expected but it was passable I guess. The Multiplayer is ok, nothing special, same old COD. Zombies seems interesting though. Meh, I'll stick to Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2. Maaaaayybe I'll pick it up in the bargain bin some day. But it's really just meh…
    edit: Oh and loot boxes can eat a bag of dicks and die in a fucking fire.

    Trump's IllegitimateSon says:

    Imma be the mega uncool guy and say I’m really enjoying it!

    Chris Bewick says:

    Haha sterling rip off section was class

    Gary Harrison says:

    Bought it for the first time since mw3 and it's garbage.

    Nicolas Cage says:

    I never liked Call of Duty. So frankly I couldn't care less when one releases.

    lifi grugru says: that why soldier doing crawling in the mud,…. ther has do it months years long day for day , boring, old shi.. yes, ther was not happy in the mg crossfire and heavy artelery bombardment to attack the fortificated enemy lines, crowled in mud and water.

    b0rg1010 says:

    Digital sales eh? You obviously haven't seen the reviews on Steam. Expect a sumani of refunds.

    VolitileGamer says:

    i have not been excited for a call of duty since world at war… as far as i am concerned i have not seen a call of duty game as good as treyarch's attempt (WAW). As this (WWII) is made by sledgehammer (who made modern warfare) i will take a pass.

    wkadalie says:

    I wasn't looking forward to it at all. And it's the first COD I didn't buy. I was a huge fan of IW's campaign.

    Silver Wulf X says:

    COD WW2 is actually good ! Infinite Warfare multiplayer was trash and Black Ops 3 campaign was a joke so terrible.

    Sean Palmer says:

    I liked the cheeky "Actual Gameplay" Super Mario Odyssey clip. Better play it safe with Nintendo watching everyone haha

    YukitoOnline says:

    If CoD WW2 doesn't have a huge multiplayer map as big as battlefield then I'm still boycotting it..

    FutureMartian97 says:

    There’s no gun game. So fuck it.

    teh tjoppie says:

    When you fuck up so hard that you nearly sink your franchise, you can only go up from there, not surprised that CoD WW2 sold more than Infinite Warfare

    William00048 says:

    Knobs have bought it, so I guess Loot Crates and DLC aren't going away any time soon. We aren't going to get a decent single player experience any time soon either.

    Blake Washburn says:

    actual gameplay footage for mario heh

    Russell Campbell says:

    Cod is back baby!!

    Jackie Chan says:

    What if we don't have a COD for a few years as a break

    Rick DLC says:

    Beautiful shirts gentlemen.

    Sir Douche says:

    COD is dead.

    Nova Caine says:

    I fucking love it!

    TheBurgzTv says:

    This shouldn’t be news. Having this as news is only going to increase Activisions sales which will result in more shitty games filled with micro transactions. You’re basically marketing their game.

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