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Intel’s Hades Canyon NUC has serious gaming chops

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  • Intel’s tiny NUC PC initiative finally gets the gaming chips it deserves with the roll out of two new models that feature one of the company’s new Kaby Lake G chips, pairing a Core i7 with AMD Radeon Vega M graphics.

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    Daniel Earle says:

    Baby got back.

    Ph42oN says:

    I read thubnail as Intel Nut Kic

    TheNytiennzo says:

    IR Receiver?

    David Grave says:

    I love the relations between Intel an AMD these days, Intel can now really push their products in a different direction that satisfies a wider range of gamers.

    Xavier Zymantas says:

    Someone left the Lenovo Miix title in the orange box on the spec sheet overlay.

    Fransisco Wijaya says:

    AAA Title highest = 60fps
    Holyfuck for only $799!? Take my money please

    Pay Pal says:

    no vga 0/10

    PimptatoPCs says:

    It would have been nice for you to show the power brick …

    Juan Caba says:

    The video editor mislabeled this device as a Lenovo product.

    Elvis Knot says:

    RADION GRAPICS!!!When are you going to go live and tell us about the new AMD zen 2nd gen with VEGA graphics… LIVE SHOW GUYS

    callmemarc says:

    This guy almost makes up for no Dong


    Check out the inspire from Azulle.


    When this baby out!!!!!

    Siddharth Nair says:

    Can you stop obfuscating people intentionally or otherwise? Lol.

    Fairly sure at least 60% of the people who see this wouldn't know whst Max-q is.

    For those people a maxq 1080 gives performance of a desktop 1070.

    So this intel -radeon chip will give you performance of a desktop 1050.

    Ofc Gordon wouldn't mention that as a super no bias clean reporter and this is not at all important

    Banana says:

    This looks fantastic! Performance crammed on a tiny box is the future.

    jaja abreu says:

    What is this a game system or computer

    Flight Simmer says:

    The title should be coffee lake.

    Elmo Ng says:

    Is that a mistake that u put Lenovo miix 630 at 0:32

    Simply NUC says:

    Here are some actual game play videos for Hades Canyon

    sirshriek69 says:

    We need the HARDCORE version of this review Gordon!!! :p

    Amber Ambwee says:

    I need this. Or just any computer that has at least 4gb of ram and just the basic graphics card, HD, etc…. I've been stalking out $150 computers. It would take a year or more to save $800. 🙁 Thered probably be better and cheaper over that time.

    MrMatth 95 says:

    i have a i5 7600k and gtx 1070, is worth selling it and buy this plus a external gpu?

    zachary davidson says:

    Yes, yes , yes. I'm in. take my money now. I want the 100w version thank you. Please sir keep posting updates. the last time i was this excited was when my son was born.

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