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IMV Gaming – Bowl Game Player Model Released

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    Marc30065 says:

    Here the thing they need to do, IMV they need to put out a game play trailer asap so they can get the funding they need or investors cause without that it just concepts and needs to be running on the 3 consoles that's out now and PC once the gameplay come out the funding and investors money will start pouring in, they have to come with gameplay that when community will support them more

    Andrew Lincoln says:

    madden refuses to implement turf tape and whenever they mess up a players appearance we have to wait till the next year for it to be fixed.. i don't understand why they can't fix this things right away.. last year jay ajayi in madden 17 had no dreads, zeke had no arm sleeves, now this year they finally do but there are plenty of other players that have messed up appearances/equipment this year.. These problems will continue forever if they wait 1 year to fix them

    DatBlackMinotaur says:

    Little customization things always make me laugh. For example, in the older games you used to have a couple of options for neck pads and rolls and now for the past few years the only option is the vintage roll that you’d never use. Another example is how you used to have mouth piece options but haven’t been In the game for years. Funny how in so many aspects as time went on the graphics got better but customization and many other aspects steadily got worse. Hopefully this can be a start of a turning point for where EA actually starts to listen to what the fans want

    Stacey Hopkins says:

    Ea sports NCAA football 14 ,13,12 WILL STILL be better than this game. Oh they can't spell Mississippi. They left the "p" out. If Madden had done that you would be making a video .

    StillCirclingDaWagons KingofDa-ytown says:

    I think they shouldn't make this a college football game. They should make this a High School football game and incorporate 12 teams in 12 of the biggest football states in the US. They don't even have to be real High Schools.

    lilone205 says:

    i like your videos man very good and to tha point im donating my 60$ this month

    Alexander Schmidt says:

    Well I would assume that the fact that they're trying to promote a bowl game in Gridiron Champions suggest that they do want to have a phone season mode with a bracket system for playoffs so hopefully the game modes are pretty deep!

    Brandon Keisler says:

    "Oh my!"
    RIP Mr Enberg

    Beastmode Brandon says:

    Why does this look as good as madden? They're not even fully funded. IMV only has half of what they need to make the game. I feel like after two years they will rivial madden and make pro game also

    Brandon Reck says:

    IMV is learning from Madden and NCAA Football's mistakes. Hyped for this.

    pasGedden7 says:

    Well as soon as the hire a developer team, create or modify and maybe license an engine create in game assets hire voice actors develop ai and game modes we might be set in 3 or 4 years later..

    Nicholas Walter says:

    am i the only one who thinks this actually looks pretty good…

    Coy Haggard says:

    That looks really good way better than customization

    Kareem SC says:

    Are these fully rendered in the game?

    Gianni says:

    great vid bro #1 when it comes to new madden videos

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