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ICE BOAT RACING! | Minecraft [Ep 5]

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  • Today we went head to head in a boat race on ice, Turned out to be much more difficult the we Expected!
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    Get Good Gaming says:

    Who was your favorite racer in todays video?!

    Evan R. 1232009 says:

    I’m not gonna bully Conner #stopbullyingconner

    Xanstorm says:

    what happen to googly eyes 🙁

    Ibrahim GamIng says:

    ou of all if you i think conner is the best racer hehe

    Ibrahim GamIng says:


    moomoomilk 4 says:

    at 4:38 did any one else see the cam?

    Ben D says:

    Can you play dying light it is a zombie game that is able to have up to four people in one game so can you play it please

    General Griffus says:

    Hey I love your vids but I think you should go back to VR and what you are currently been doing. ✌️

    Alex Zander says:

    Duck hunt LAN Party series please? I think that would be fun!

    Crazy challenge channel says:

    Could we see j-fred in a challenge

    nico maddness says:

    You guys should play fortnight

    Yuliya Vdovchenko says:

    Play it's really fun

    Kawaii Pusheen says:

    Tanner is so hilarious in every Minecraft video!!

    Cindy Smith says:

    Are you guys still responding because if you are I just wanted to tell you that you should do more build your base

    Blake Fefee says:

    Hi get good if you try overwatch yeti hunter ad mei snowball fight you’ll be really good #nofaccatoin squad

    twintendo NERDZ says:

    When you thought Matt had a chance

    Emily Pearson says:

    #connors a meme

    Saad Loukili says:

    Favorite’s Matt then Paul then tanner then Connor

    JenCath says:

    Connor is never gonna live this down…

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