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Hyper-X Cloud Flight – Their First Wireless Gaming Headset!

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  • Hyper-X has finally launched their first wireless gaming headset, the Cloud Flight at CES 2018. But can it carry on the tradition of the other Cloud series like the Alpha, Stinger and Revolver?

    Our CES coverage is sponsored by PHANTEKS // CORSAIR // COOLER MASTER.

    This video was made possible by Hyper-X.

    Gear list:
    Panasonic GH5 –
    Panasonic GH4 –
    Panasonic G7 –
    Canon C100 –
    Sony RX100m3 –
    Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 –
    Cinevate DUZI Slider –
    AKG C314 –
    AKG C 568 B –
    Zoom H5 –
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    Grayson mountford says:

    I just got a Hyper X Cloud for Christmas 😀

    Jonathan Blas says:

    I was about to get it but it’s not for Xbox one soooooo no

    James Boling says:

    I prefer wireless or bluetooth. Been rocking a pair of bluetooth Skull Candy Hesh 2's for a while and they're great. Being able to just stand up without the worry of there being a wire that I may rip out of my computer.

    dogboy0912 says:

    You can split your budget into dedicated headphones and a $15 desk mic like the bm-700 which is guaranteed to be better than virtually any mic attached to a headset, especially wireless ones (wireless headsets have inherently poor mic quality.)

    The only sad part is 2.4ghz dedicated headphones don't have a very good selection since they're basically old person headphones to listen to the T.V. or something. On the other hand, bluetooth headphones are good for more than just your computer but most will have a delay. If you can find verifiable low latency bluetooth headphones, you're in the clear.

    Frank says:

    did you get a batman voice changer or that deep throating of dick finally get to you

    DEE STIN says:

    You guys really need to separate these kind of low level product review into a different channel. Away from the quality PC case reviews please. Unclicking the bell icon for now.

    Deltax5 says:

    I got the cload 2. there alright headphones for the price. The mic does pic up sound in the backround. So I only use it in dual mic and headphone mode when playing at night. Playing these with laud speakers really anoy my friends. when playing a game online the mic is alway picking up sound the icon is on the screen. Is the mic in the revolver better for having a speaker setup without picking up the backround noise. I really need a new set with backround noise cancellation so I can play without anoying my freinds with the games noise throu the speakers. Being open headphones would be nice also so I don't have to turn the speakers so laud to hear the game

    Lijane Qwer says:

    at the time of CES there is so much good tech content . This channel , Randomfrankp,TechSource,JazyTwoCents and many more are posting so much video's.

    BlaziDude says:

    I legit bought Cloud Alpha's like 1,5 months ago, I don't regret it since it's alot cheaper with pretty much the same quality

    Lionel Lim says:

    Sorry but nope. Only sennheiser game one qualifies for a gaming headset. Anything cheaper, you shouldnt be gaming in the first place with it.

    Patrick Hopman says:

    You can already buy them.

    Magyar Áron says:

    Please dont use background music at such a low volume, its very annoying.

    mehutolkki3232 says:

    Just a headsup, you do know that bluetooth actually uses 2,4ghz aswell?

    LifeLongCaboose says:

    The revolvers were not a very good headset and a poor value. The Cloud alpha isn’t bad but it’s not a good value. The Stinger and the whole TakStar pro 80 rebrand line are all great value and great quality. I hope these are good because they have been releasing disappointing headsets as of late.

    The price seems like it’s gonna hurt it the most and lighting on it is just stupid.

    Nathan Bullock says:

    I was going to be upset about just buying an Alpha over this, but without even the option of Bluetooth to use with my phone, and now hearing that the mic doesn't work in wired mode, I think I made the right choice. (P.S. It is 2018, if it doesn't have Bluetooth, don't market it as an on-the-go headset)

    Matthew Hughes says:

    Overwatch Streamer Valkia got one of these headsets early from HyperX. They sponsor him lol

    McWabbit says:

    Interesting. Price is quite steep, but coming from the HyperX Cloud series, the sound quality should be okay. Am very curious about the microphone sound quality though.
    And I cannot go back to wired any more; Wireless gives so much freedom and you can continue to chat with your friends and team when afk or let them enjoy your toilet sounds.

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