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How Shadow The Hedgehog Was Censored During Development

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    This video takes a look at how Shadow The Hedgehog was toned down during development to lower its ESRB rating from Teen to E10+.

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    Wilford870 says:

    Darn, this could have been even more hilarious.

    Wanted Wolf says:

    IMO damn and hell aren’t swears
    But what or what is not a swear depends on where you grow up

    Jew Shekel says:


    tHeWasTeDYouTh says:

    3:16 that assssssssss is dead

    tHeWasTeDYouTh says:


    PissedOffDragon says:

    I remember seeing Walmart ads of the game before release with a Teen rating. I just assumed it was rerated before release when E10+ was introduced.

    Mega Manie says:

    S H A D O W T H E H E D G E H O G

    Kos4Evr says:

    Just realized that I haven't subscribed to your channel yet so I quickly corrected that oversight. I do enjoy your content but I was reminded to check out your channel after watching a video by raging golden eagle and he referenced your channel in his video. Keep up the good work.

    Jared foxy perhour - alpaca king says:

    I kinda wish they didn't limit them selves to a E10+, If they wanted to make the game needlessly edgey might as well go all out!

    BirdX 3000 says:

    And i trought the final version was edgy enough.

    Roy Asturias says:

    Yeah, I'll take the Kouji Yusa voice.

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