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Grandmaster Players Make Bronze Fails

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  • Overwatch Grandmaster Fails Montage! A collection of the best (worst?) Grandmaster Fails in Overwatch so far.
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    Overwatch Clip Sources:

    Overwatch Music Sources:
    ES_Jambalaya Stomp 3 – Martin Gauffin
    ES_Ed The Elephant – Gunnar Johnsén
    ES_Corny Farmers 4 – Magnus Ringblom
    ES_Confused Mind 14 – Magnus Ringblom
    ES_Bossy Housewives 3 – Magnus Ringblom

    ✔ Overwatch Video Credits:
    ● Published By: Jeremy “Gaming Curios”
    ● Produced By: Jeremy “Gaming Curios”
    ● Edited By: Shankka


    XplosiveMenace says:

    why is it all emongg? this is a dissapointing vid to be honest only some of these are fails

    Furry Eyez says:

    Emongg realy sucks

    Saltiest Pepper says:

    How did he die full health to his own Helix,,,?

    Haxus says:

    EMONGG is troll LOL

    IchMagMilchTF says:

    Emong is bronze

    Dancing Hot Dog says:

    Most of these are emong

    TheMinecraftOverlord says:

    "I'm resetting"

    Nyu Kaede says:

    5:27 “My team just threw”

    You went with them, it’s not only their fault.

    Yogi Aguirre says:

    Scubby wasn’t a fail

    Z Quiros says:

    I like how Emongg is always messing up xD

    CottageFries AR says:

    Why emongg ended up in grandmaster XD

    Toxiccc Three says:

    XQC is trash

    semproser19 says:

    The guy in the clip at 0:52 is a twitch streamer called Scubby. He's the embodiment of the people you want banned in this game. Toxic, throws, and ISN'T grandmaster – he got a GM account from a friend and fell into diamond (and plat and back again) where he barely belongs to be.

    YouCanCallMeReTro says:

    lol XQC lol im the man

    Anthony Nguyen says:

    I wouldn't consider disconnecting a fail but bad luck

    Cards TV says:

    No wonder why xqc is the first one

    Zach McDowell says:

    Title should've been Emongg Fails

    Kaio Vieira says:

    Emongg have little problens

    YBN Jackal says:

    That Emongg kid must suck cuz he’s in the video alot

    Emilio Carmona says:

    I wanna see a grandmaster make a new account and play with noobs

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