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Get Good After Christmas 5: Cooldowns

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    watchthe1369 says:

    Macro! Whoa! Trigger the cooldowns available, then hit them in boss fights. Maybe teir your macros from a full alpha vs one that uses the quick cooldowns?

    watchthe1369 says:

    I love the way you break this stuff down. Minimal add ons, increasing DPS by managing movement, proper information management, now how to stack your cooldowns efficiently to boost DPS. I begin to understand how people bend the DPS meter with 6 million point hits.

    Matt Brackenbury says:

    Blood-lusting at beginning of a raid is shite for affli warlocks…

    Rubiksguy says:

    Did preach just launch a fireball from his real hand at 6:50? Lol. Perfect timing

    Grixis says:

    troll discussion in comments: Troll best race. nuff said mon

    MrBorgeus Borg says:

    Hope everything is ok.

    It was really interesting to listen and confirm my own thoughts. Because I noticed that sometimes on bossfights I look at % and think. "I want to have Vendetta at x %, I can use it now and it will be back".
    Problem is. Sometimes it isn't back because I messed up % in my mind.
    In your mind, is it better to play it safe and not use a CD, because you want to stack or hope it will be back.
    And I guess this is the reason why assas-rogues say: "you want your vendetta CD to be 1,5min" not as low as possible. So you can time it with every second kingsbane. Now I started to think. Maybe I can use legendary boots and get it down to 45 seconds(its now 1min 13sec) and use it with every kingsbane.
    Thanks for a great video, got me thinking a lot.

    Houston Cheek says:

    i like how you pointed out the your trinket buff only lasted 9sec, but you popped off with everything else before it was off CD because you knew that the longer buffs you used first would last through the remaining CD of the trinket and berserking but would still get the benefit of all the buffs at the same time for there full duration with each other! Great stuff sir, great stuff!

    sikenofy says:

    Its very strange as a frost dk since my one actual buff (unless talented) is PoF. Which is a one minute CD, reduced by talents. Past that and orc racial, I dont have many buffs that I stack.

    Jonatan Berntsen says:

    Thank you sooo much <3

    TheGizrod says:

    hope wifes ok but gotta say seems like an excuse to not carry on for xmas rather than after xmas wife got ill after xmas didnt she so this wasnt done b4 just saying

    viermidebutura says:

    hmmm… i had the impression this is common knowledge by now…

    Sunhallow says:

    And then you have shadow priests who have no burst cd's

    jaykid1576 says:

    Hey Preach, quick question. Just for raid leading how do I get those raid mark buttons on the right above your dps meter ?? Maybe that could be a new series is raid leading and how to think about composition and heal/dps cds … our guild usually kills only 6/7 mythic bosses per tier. May help us ! Hope the wife is alright. All the best mate.

    Justin Vickers says:

    Quick additional point: Consider upcoming boss transition phases as well. Dont wanna pop cd's and have them rendered useless.

    Tempestra says:

    but isn't blowing your CDs on adds that have weakened phases padding the meter? sort of like.. on beastlord Darmak, using barrage so you hit all the spears at once… you do loads of damage, but is it useful damage? I have always thought you should blow your CDs on targets that really matter, adds aren't it unless that is the phase you always wipe on.

    tyler11 P says:

    Fast recovery for the wifey

    Bryan Stovall says:

    sorry that your wife had to go to the hospital, glad she back home

    Shane Tindall says:

    hope your wife is ok Mike and just wanted to say for all the non believers was probably one of the worst players in wow ever till i found your channel i have several 100% parses and got 1 last week on Varimathrus, I am so glad i found your channel keep up the good work good sir and hopefully more people find your channel and listen to what you say. One day ill have to send you a drama story about my adventures in wow from the terrible start till now it might make a good read

    Timo Kampwerth says:

    Dude, if Emma is taken to the hospital and you'd not be with her but working on videos instead, I think I'd actually be mad at you. Never apollogize for being an upright guy 😉

    Arasoi says:

    Mike i know this is an exception but what if your class doesnt have cooldowns and i literally mean doesnt have cooldowns , then you have nothing to plan ( Speaking as a SP ).

    Chris Ridgers says:

    Out of interest where does something like shadow priest sit with this advice? Since TOS the advice has been to aim to hit your main cooldowns once every minute to maintain voidform uptime… holding things back for even a couple of seconds could shorten your voidform to the point where your cooldowns don't line up like that.

    As a result I feel that the spec is very much, go go go, from the start and if it at any point that slips (some mechanic you have to deal with) you really feel like you've screwed it. If theres someway this advice could apply to the spec to give me some breathing space throughout fights that would be great.

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