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  • Hey y’all, drop a like if you enjoyed the video! Since yall seemed to love the last gaming setup makeover video that i did, I figured I would bring yall another one! This setup needed some attention, and I’m super happy with the outcome. Enjoy!



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    If you’re reading this, comment down below what you think of the setup! It’s super pieced together and I lacked a ton of tools (no dedicated PC, no zip ties, etc), but I hope yall like it! 😀


    Archetex says:

    Omfg you are adorable! Just found your channel and I’m so happy I did.

    Paul Bonnici says:

    you done a good job

    Moogles says:

    is the xbox 360 your only console?

    CapnCwby1969 says:

    Well done!! I love how energetic you are! Keep up the great work!!

    Trix4lyfe says:

    wow huge difference you made it look sooo nice 🙂

    Josh Bari says:

    you know i wouldn't be mad if you just made gaming setups lol

    H says:

    Can you be my gf in heaven?

    Shark says:

    if u play fortnite lets play sometime

    BeastlyBeats NonCopyright Music says:

    Amazing eyes, you're beautiful! :3

    Aikable says:

    no idea who ya are but this was a nice watch! lol thank you

    TRYING to be a PRO T Pro says:

    u look nice

    Franky says:

    Looks way better than before! Now you just need to build a PC with flashy RGB lights and your setup will be complete LOL

    Doku Designs says:

    you cute. that's all

    Justin Fisk says:

    Uh, I don't why guys are hating. You're very cute lol. I really love that set up. And also where is that desk from?

    StealthX cs says:

    What desk do you use?

    Sorah Arts says:

    Whats your gaming chair?

    Manoj Varughese says:

    2:29 FPC…first person cleaning.

    Manoj Varughese says:

    this is something I don't get to see as a setup of my friends here.

    Terraunce Bowie says:

    I thought enough to click your vid to check out a female pc gamer's setup but boy was I annoyed.Your video would be tolerable if it weren't for your constant ranting in a high pitched voice.

    Marco Testoni says:

    Lol I have that exact same desk!

    Electrics says:

    Living at the spar house now butters intensifies

    Blaz Somun says:

    When Butters is invited to Soar house only to clean the rooms Kappa…. Stop spoiling them Nutters 😀

    A Althaf Mohamed says:

    Hi I just found this channel and it's very awesome

    Viluzz says:

    OMG i have the same table!!! hahaha regards from spain

    Nue says:

    am sure someone has already asked this but am too lazy to scroll through all the comment, but what laptop do you have and do you use that for gaming/streaming as well? or have different devices for streaming and gaming

    Dark Knight Gaming says:

    Your temporary setup is way better than my actual setup

    FaTal Fuse says:

    plz come to my house AND FIX MY SETUP!!!!

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