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Gaming On Nvidia’s Huge 65-inch Monitor Is A BIG DEAL | CES 2018

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  • We got to see the BFG display in action at CES 2018. It packs 4K, 120Hz, G-Sync, HDR, and fast response time into a 65-inch screen.

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    GameSpot says:

    Do you any reason to get a HUGE monitor for PC gaming?

    philipstrong82 says:

    I would have a 42 inch monitor straight away

    Chris Madro says:

    Unless you're playing something really casual, a smaller screen will always be better. Even if they match the response time.

    Dark Magician says:

    What about input lag?

    Luke Cloudkiller says:

    I want a giant 21:9 display!

    lamm3rrr says:

    what the hell is with this video quality? their shirts are like strobe lights or something

    It's an opinion Calm your ass down. says:

    When we're already have people looking at their phone all day. We go and bring out more screens to be distracted.

    Kareem Lee says:

    If it's not 1ms, who cares…

    Aaron Webb says:

    I love how they make 20ms response times on TVs out to be "bad".
    Seriously, as if 99.999% of people can even notice it.

    It's about time gaming monitors went big but G-sync seems to be the only spec making these worth gaming on over an equivalent priced TV. I bet the picture quality won't be anything like as good either.

    Johnny5clowna says:

    What an obvious Overkill who the hell needs that

    Gerdronex says:


    bnerd1 says:

    my monitor is 21 inch and i'm happy with that

    Drashwins says:

    Any info about how much can it cost? (Sorry for eng) i want that bf monitor!

    ProNoober8 says:

    Someone call me once it does touch.

    Bill I Did Not Bang That Woman Clinton says:

    But can it run Minecraft 60fps?

    Bill I Did Not Bang That Woman Clinton says:

    Really you're gonna play CSGO on that? Good luck with that

    Hidenshinzou says:

    i prefer to not get blind but thanks nvidia 🙂

    Lance Icy says:

    Why can't asia get geforce now

    Desasterific says:

    no one should be surprised, if you go blind while sitting right in front of this thing. -.-

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