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Gaming on Minimum Hardware Specs – Wolfenstein II The New Colossus

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  • Minimum specs hardware testing of Wolfenstein 2.

    Minimum 720p Low Settings
    i7 – 3770k or FX-8350
    GTX 770 or AMD R9 290
    8GB System Memory

    Recommended 1080p High Settings
    i7 – 4770k or FX-9370
    GTX 1060 6GB or RX 470 4GB
    16GB System Memory

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    Silver Werewolf says:

    A fucking gtx 770 and can barely run it on 1080p? The games are coming more shitty optimized by the time….

    medumdum says:

    A 290 for 720p??? What the fuck. An R9 290 isn't that far behind an RX 480/580. Also, GPU boss is a terrible resource, a 290 should perform noticeably (albeit maybe not significantly better) than a 380, since the 380 is a rebadged 285, which is clearly less than 290. The best quick reference for GPU comparison is userbenchmark imo Jay. It might not be completely accurate, but it's much better than gpuboss. But anywho, these videos are great Jay, I'd just tweak them and try to do a little bit more research before substituting GPUs. An RX480 is a lot closer to a 290s performance than a 380, although a 380 and a 770 are similar, so I guess it's not all that bad

    DrMacintosh says:

    No way my R9 380 is as powerful as an R9 290. I want proof!

    leanlifter1 says:

    There are solid reasons why GPU/CPU boss is referred to as "BiasBoss" from those in the know.

    Scott Tuscher says:

    "But he said not to go." LOL. And Jayz face like whaaat.

    E4S SpeeD says:

    Can you pls test the New Need for speed Payback

    Aman Ghai says:

    Huge difference between 290 and a 380 Jay. With my 390 I'm getting 80 FPS average at 1440P High. So there's that.

    Stuart Carson says:

    Makes me not want to change from my 8350 @ 4.7Ghz and a RX480 to newer hardware. It seems to do fine.

    koolBOY8323 says:

    What about an 8350 with a 980ti?

    Michael Shebeski says:

    You don't even read game settings. It explicitly says to turn GPU Culling ON for AMD GPUs. Come on man, use your head.

    Lee Bateman says:

    If the point of the series is to look at gaming on min wouldn't it have been far more interesting to see how low spec a system you could have gotten away with? I think digital foundry did this and did a much better job. Also, using the opening sequence was not a good idea. You should have found an area that stretched the hardware a bit to show worst case what people need to have to enjoy playing the game.

    Lieutenant_Dan says:

    Not that it really mattered, since the low spec at 1080p still ran around 60 fps. But you did run the "lowest settings" with tssaa (8TX) on.. just letting you know

    Retallion says:

    so with a gtx 1060 (6 GB version), I can play games which came out on ultra graphics and the new ones that will come out right?

    Niko Nolawz says:

    You could probly go even nore minimal in specs and still get decent performance….like an fx 6300 and gtx 960 like mine. I can run the newest games on low at 75 fps. Although this is it for my rig..ill be upgrading to cannon lake or ryzen

    OldGamerGene says:

    Now this is a great video – providing insight into real HW requirements.

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