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Gaming on CRACK #4

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    The following are a collection of funny gaming moments, montage segments and clips from around the internet. Credits: GameSprout/banana mix/THE PRULD/Derptlemen/Basem Isam/Gamewdf/GamingDonkey, and anyone else who may have been omitted that was featured.

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    Ivan Salazar says:

    when random moments gets you into trouble 1:33

    Starline Anomaly says:

    Game @3:12?

    Luna Dash says:

    1:58 what game is this girl from exactly?

    Cobi Film Master says:

    6:12 music ??

    Militia Pilot says:

    4:36 •-• well now is the time I do this smashes my head against my night stand

    geto turtles says:

    What's the name of the one game where those 2 people a girl and a boy with their eyes covered also why are the eyes covered

    Lorenzo Petskalorenzo says:

    Kissing 2b? Wasn't expecting that…

    Bad Ass Gaming says:

    Who's that person in the thumnail and what game r they she from I forget

    Tey Tey the silly goose muffin says:

    who is the girl from the thumbnail on all of the video game crack?

    BR3ND4N GALAXY says:

    At 1:58 whats the game called?

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