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Gaming on CRACK #4

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  • Thank you for watching 🙂

    Credits:Nightblue3/Sovietwomble/GameSprout/fourzer0seven/Teo/banana mix/SkySlash/THE PRULD/genowhirl/Hoby/ If you should be there but you’re not then message me on youtube


    The GllaDus says:

    Guess who's back;D

    shadowbladewwr12 says:

    1:39 music

    TheDivineMarcus says:

    I still love this intro XD

    Witraks says:

    Że tak powiem :
    Opłacało się czekać ten miesiąc 😀

    Илья Кошелев says:

    1:39 what the song ??? )

    Ilikerainbow354 Swagboy354 says:

    Ehhhhhh long time no see Glladus

    Adrian Panov says:

    What's the song at 8:36?

    Илья Кошелев says:

    0:11 I remember this video , Doctor Vavle (mabe) did this video )))

    WhiteLyonOftheDead 2000 says:

    Finally another fantastic video

    Wulfi Holyzter says:

    Good old Roach , best car in the world

    3roken W says:

    Game at 5:12 and at 7:32 please

    Manaphy0882 says:

    5:18 what is this game?

    sae-chan says:

    whats the game at 7:30 ??

    TiNyMonStEr 75 says:

    What's the intro song?

    Vinx says:

    Intro song?

    Stef says:

    5:13 song

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