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Gaming on CRACK #3

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    The following are a collection of funny gaming moments, montage segments and clips from around the internet. Credits: GameSprout/banana mix/THE PRULD/Derptlemen/Basem Isam/Gamewdf/GamingDonkey, and anyone else who may have been omitted that was featured.

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    face destroyer says:

    what is this game o other thing pls tell me at 6:57

    Young Striker says:

    2:49 when someone says " FREE HENTAI!" parkours off roof 9:54 when the lag kicks in

    Gamez Gamer says:

    Who is 6:55

    Nate White says:

    Song at 5:43

    benjahx says:

    2:18 song?

    Axel_Neko says:

    Song 4:25?

    Shaven Govender says:

    What is the thumbnail

    HoriaDaddy says:

    Game 8:15 ?

    Miroslav Baltic says:

    What is the name of the song at 0:53?

    حسن حسين says:

    we call them sheeps in K.S.A

    Foxblaze says:

    What's the song at 2:25 ?

    ZeroCold Gg says:

    1:41 that bitch wants the D

    jacob gaming says:

    Intro song?

    GENERAL SEAN says:

    why genji's ass

    Burak Kasımoğlu says:

    6:39 song name plz

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