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Gaming News; Gaf is Back? Single Player Games are Dead?

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    Irish tomtom says:

    Wow you lost a lot of wait

    Wabbajack Wabbajack says:

    I love how some washed up game publisher from over 10 years ago says that singleplayer is dead and then everyone immediately takes this as gospel. It just means that EA does a shit job on their single player titles and has to include with "EA access" because they already know nobody is buying these terrible games on their own. Go tell someone from Bethesda or Id that single player campaign is dead… watch how quickly you get laughed at.

    Hayden Pottery says:

    boogie i way 16 stone im doing a water fast is that good for my heath

    Miguel Cholico says:

    I think you should watch the amazing world of gumball the spoiler.

    Derrixpics says:

    I've never really liked multiplayer games (except Starcraft with friends). I play against the AI most of the time. Mostly RTS games. But what if Bioshock never came to be? Half-life? I played Mario for forever when I was kid. When you don't have friends or even the opportunity to have friends because you don't live anywhere near other human beings games with a single player option literally save your sanity. Thanks for speaking up about this Boogie. And as always I'm glad you're in our world. 🙂

    Dank Memes says:

    He is the reason why I’m not depressed anymore

    Metroplex417 says:

    I got Wolfenstein 2 early and I think it really deserves Game of the Year

    tyler mack the game child says:

    Have a faygo

    Licking Girl says:

    I dont care if single player dies alittle becouse i still have runescape, wow , final fantasy online, black desert and few other which are azaming online games

    perliva says:

    I love single player games. But I’m old as well.

    Mofker GT says:

    Boogie did you see your reference in the amazing world of gumball

    schof215 says:

    If multiplayer died right now….I would have NO problem with it. I couldn't care less.

    Riley Sandral says:

    Single player games are dead? insert Todd Howard meme here

    Unfortunately Rob says:

    whats a shark card?

    MidnightFireHuntress says:

    Boogie! It's so odd to see you so freakin' THIN looking! O_O It's amazing! Awesome work <3

    Skidrow Razers says:

    everything EA touches turns into shit

    Nicholas Pastorelli says:

    Horizon Zero Dawn is easily my Game of the Year, the story was very good and the game was just beautiful. I won't be picking up any games this month but I will be getting Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, and a Nintendo Switch to play Super Mario Odyssey.

    Matt Monaghan says:

    I picked up forza 7… that’s it

    MDK4Pancakes says:

    Got Assassin’s Creed Origins.

    Steven Stiffler says:

    Unfortunately, politics has crept into every aspect of life. I would love to watch NFL games without politics smacking me in the face. I would love to watch awards shows without politics creeping in. But EVERYTHING, including gaming, is being infiltrated by politics. I would love to see a forum you have described. But I wouldn't hold my breath on that.

    Konayo says:

    Who buys shit like shark cards seriously … as Swiss citizen it's probably not as expensive as for people in other countries, but I would still rather go out to eat with friends than get an imaginary car.

    chris B says:

    As someone who plays single player games for the most part I've got no intention of giving up on them. It just means I'll be shifting to offerings from smaller studios while EA are off chasing their dolphins and whales.

    PunkRockZombie205 says:

    Clearly these companies are putting profit above gamers. Personally, I play games as an escape from the world and other humans. If it were up to me I'd never play an online game ever again. Sadly, this might be the last generation I play video games if things keep going the way they are

    Bustas_Tube says:

    @boogie2988 The former mods that left Neogaf now created a Forum calle resetEra. You should go and check it out. Everyone is getting new chances and can Register there. Its a reset. ResetEra

    Mark Luck says:

    wolfenstein 2 is another proof singleplayer games are thankfully not dead yet. for me gaming means singleplayer games, multiplayer is something you do on the side/with friends and if singleplayer games die then i think ill just stick to books and movies/tv series.

    Smmmile:) says:

    I was actually banned six times on NeoGaf. It's ridiculous really. It started when I innocently visited looking for porn, and unable to find any of real value – I messaged the MODS who politely told me to go F myself. Enraged at this I contacted Chuck Norris, who agreed that this constituted a type of oligarch tyranny of the worst order. I'm still not sure how he did it, but he took NeoGaf down. He destroyed that mother. I remember seeing him punch through the Internet and bitchslap NeoGaf's servers like it was the bastard child of Satan. It's hard to recollect clearly and I still get chills. The wondrous light emanating from his fist was like that of early Neanderthal man squinting into the dawn for the first time. I stood amazed, somehow feeling I had witnessed something on a par with Moses parting the Red Sea, but cooler. I was totally in Awe, open mouthed and I knew in that moment my life had completely changed. Forever. Over the following year, Chuck and I took down NeoGaf several times, sometimes based on valid bonafide reports of oppression propaganda. Other times just based on whimsy. I'll never forget those humid summer nights, reshaping the Internet for our own desires whilst bro-fisting intermittently. It seems childish now but renaming Yahoo to Bohoo was the highlight of 2015 for me and causing minor glitches all over the interwebs was fun, although infantile. Sadly this came to an end in the fall of 2017, as all great things must eventually do. Chuck told me he'd found someone else, I was devastated. He said he had now found my worldwide plans for domination too small time and was off to take on the Rothschilds and the evils of fractional reserve banking. In what I can clearly see now was an attempt to undermine his criticism, I founded Anonymous and Legion, armed with a hastily written manifesto and a mask from one of my favourite movies. I think we all know who won that war. So yeah, NeoGaf – shape up, we're legion, and we're watching you.

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