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Gaming Monitors that don’t suck… LG NANO IPS Gaming Panels

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  • Gaming monitors are a sore subject for many panel enthusiasts… either they are ugly as can be, or too expensive. But LG is looking to change that.

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    Kyruss says:

    freesync on a 5k monitor? AMD needs to release some better cards

    Tony says:

    Was waiting for a 4k 120hz+ panel. I'm disappointed

    Chasharper says:

    So good to see you gaming Jay.

    Powpow says:

    Wow. @:143 for a moment there I though that was Gabe Newell :P.

    Envy Robbins says:

    I feel dumb for asking but I know freesync is AMD and G-sync is nVidia, but if I had a monitor that was freesync with my 1080 would it have any issues with the monitor?

    pc Juggalo says:

    No rgb no sale

    Vincente Crowe says:

    I’m wanting a 3440×1440 g sync Hdr that runs at least 144hz That is my dream monitor.

    Shottie Gaming says:

    I like how all those monitors come with freesync when AMD doesn't have cards strong enough to push high fps.

    Nicholas Hockey says:

    ooooohhhhh amd freesync. that makes it… shit, it's still shit. unless that fail ass company figures out how to compete in GPU's, and stop getting on their knees for the crypto miners, NOBODY CARES ABOUT FREESYNC.

    Trevor Curtis says:

    I think that last display had 120hz

    Andre Gowans says:

    whats the name of the intro music???

    marco valenti says:

    LAN party, what's that? Said every 18- years old

    Nico Lay says:

    still wobbly like my 24 inch LG monitor

    Nick Guzeli says:

    This is the video i've been searching for… thank you

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