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    Shamo2341 Gamer says:

    Hi play jaelbrake

    Lasseminator says:

    in the first round i was THE LAST duck

    Mokey says:

    Brutez games are better then the game that he play in the video

    almera lanie says:

    roblos is my second life

    Krish 787 says:

    i was in the stream in duck dash and winter Deathrun

    OggOne says:

    This is such a great live stream and the dog very funny

    Mental RBLX says:

    Drinking challenge, Everytime he's cringey take a shot of whiskey.

    The CoOl twiNZ production says:

    Noo im late for the stream

    Brian Marshmallo says:

    Cool Dog Roblox "•

    Caoilfhinn Dunne says:

    Are you weird

    Tracy Robins says:

    Please help me i lost my bff sydnie23456 because I was on phone and accidentally clicked UNFRIEND instead of chat and I want her back ;( I'm really sad 🙁

    Yolane Welderufael says:

    uuuuuuh is he the real roblox guy

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