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FULL: SK vs. FaZe – Grand Final – ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals

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  • ESL Pro League celebrates it’s 6th CS:GO season here in Odense, Denmark. The 12 best CS:GO teams from Europe and North America have arrived and their sights are set on the $1 million prize pool and Season 6 trophy at the Sparekassen Fyn Arena.


    Touchie says:

    Hacks hack hacks

    Anderson Nicolau says:

    Parabéns a equipe SK bad fallen

    Brook Hunter says:

    But you can't call them trash,they are not

    Slayer'S Pride CS GO Tips and Tricks says:

    Song name please in last

    Matheus Henrique says:


    Gabriel Souza Leandro says:

    esses narrador grino nunca torce pra sk

    sk0sH says:

    2:39:07 — start of SK

    Lucky Owl says:

    Why are sk fans toxic.

    Itz Rainy says:

    I was with no one xD

    eduardo santana says:

    SK é fodaaaaa!!!

    sk0sH says:

    watches 45 minutes

    notices it is over 8 hours


    sk0sH says:

    "High school teams"

    …I'm trying to go pro

    I am 28yo.

    I will not go pro. Lol.

    Edit: Although these guys are making more mistakes, KPG, that is. Wow.

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