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Full Broadcast: FaZe Fnatic | SK Misfits – Semifinals – ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals

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  • ESL Pro League celebrates it’s 6th CS:GO season here in Odense, Denmark. The 12 best CS:GO teams from Europe and North America have arrived and their sights are set on the $1 million prize pool and Season 6 trophy at the Sparekassen Fyn Arena.


    Basically Heco says:


    Phong Vuoc Tran says:

    3:31:52 Funniest part of this entire game hahah, almost denied by Guardian!

    Criss noviach says:

    senior vac… lol

    kyle says:

    Csgo is fucking dead

    Murat Özgün says:

    İnstagram OYUN KEYFİ follow me xde

    Elmo Häikiö says:

    Flusha is so blaitant its getting ridiculous im not even kidding

    Barkanamo TV says:

    Cadê os Haters do TACO?

    Barkanamo TV says:

    4:22:46 a Sk entra

    The unkown Person says:

    FAZE FTW!!!!

    buTTonz says:

    1:07:28 for official map start.

    アロンソマルコス says:

    go Brasílian team!!!

    Boça says:

    Brasil SK❤

    SoSorrTT TheLFR says:

    I don’t think TACO weak anymore

    Razer :D says:

    Alguien si puede decirme porque no juegan los equipos como g2, navi, envyus?

    Papaleguas182 says:

    "make this place like a libary again" kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk fallen vc é foda cara,sou seu fã…brasil na final denovo é noiz

    Rafael Peres says:

    6:07:30 wooow. #BadFallen mode on

    Xeeny666999 says:

    20:00 for start

    Modesty & Pride says:

    I finally found out that song. If anyone wonders Dada Life – We Want Your Soul.

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