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  • New Fortnite Battle Royale game mode with Typical Gamer!
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    Description of the new Fortnite Battle Royale mode: “It’s 100 players. One giant map. Put your building and combat skills to the test. The last commander standing wins. Hop in and take on your friends!”

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    Ana Maria Velasco Muñoz says:

    MORE BATTLEGROUNDS and ps I have fortnite on my ps4

    nicholas bailey says:

    This is just like battle grounds sort of

    Madonna Woodward says:

    Happy anaversery

    boboy Narvaez says:

    Velated happy aneversary

    Brandon Robey says:

    what is up everybody its typical gamer with your daily you tub live stream with ………

    Joanna Farina says:

    congrats for your 2 year

    Bob Snyder says:

    hi gamer im new here

    Victor Guardado says:

    This is like battle grounds

    NDCG Pixel says:

    Can u play rainbow six siege with samara

    Anaya Fenelus says:

    How much people are left

    Caryn Merrill says:

    It's better to jump on the opposite side that you come in on on the bus you won't deal with as many people

    explosion679 explosion says:

    What is this game played on

    Charice Downing says:

    Double L was sick

    Charice Downing says:

    Can you play the game more who's your daddy

    dunoziy says:

    happy anniversary!!!

    Abel Belay says:

    Tg what's your discord server name

    Mason Booth says:

    I you are the best YouTuber ever!!

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