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Experiment Shredding Razer Blackwidow X chroma Gaming Keyboard | The Crusher

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  • Experiment Shredding Razer Blackwidow X chroma Gaming Keyboard | The Crusher

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    The Crusher says:

    shoutout to DAZA15
    who wants a shoutout at next video ??

    Eduardo Carles says:

    cuánto dinero tienes eres millonario?

    coolnick tech says:

    Ρε συ σρενταρε κάνα nintendo ds, 3ds, 2ds πώς λέγεται τέλος πάντων.

    Mattia Cantone says:

    Destroyer s4 please?

    Wild Gaming says:

    god damn. noo. I just accidentally broke a key permanently on my exact same keyboard and you are freaking shredding a brand new one?!??! I could have used that. What a waste. I dont have the money to replace the keyboard either. ALSO: I would have LOVED to have that other razer pack with all those cool things. ;( But u just shredded them all instead

    Lucas Zanella says:

    buy a real crusher, this one is so weak

    CrazyGamersTV says:

    Maika ti da eba

    Джигмид Бодаев says:

    Не долбоеб ли?

    Lilou Barbier says:

    chain regular worried owe formation custom rat critical club.

    Rygiel says:

    Why? Man why? ;-;

    yasen Ghazali says:

    are you mad give it to me and crush a 5 dollar keyboard

    Мартин Данев says:

    Българи ли сте?

    Bernadette La Madrid says:

    razer will not like this…

    DER BILDER says:

    Мне больно на это смотреть ((( пидр отдал бы мне (((

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